• 2003 Muu Merkki Piko 732 Pirttinen

    $4,149 - Rovaniemi, Finland Recently Added
    • Piko Juontokoura

      $2,029 - Kempele, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      piko juontokoura -juonto free or hydraulic rotation (optional) -strong box-shaped structure -koura opens 2000mm

    • 2017 Piko PAALILEIKKURI

      $4,587 - Kauhava, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      domestic resistant piko paalileikkuri. the cutting edge 500 hardox infectious hooks for plastic and network. requires one block of a double-acting front loader. max bale diameter of 160cm easy hand...

    • 2017 Piko Hydraulihalkaisija

      $1,606 - Kauhava, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      domestic piko hydraulihalkaisijoita. stroke lengths 700-1100 mm infinitely adjustable stroke length. splitting blade section 4 hardox työtövoima 7 ton rapid traverse valve as standard extension tab...

    • 2017 Piko Cleaner Drum

      $5,241 - Kauhava, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      separates the debris from the combustion of wood fuel to obtain a higher quality of the wood and the risk of mold or mildew are minimized. the discharge conveyor 2.1m which is adjustable sideways 3...

    • 2017 Piko PK 110 PUUKOURA

      $1,895 - Töysä, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      piko pk 110 puukoura. convenient puukoura front end loader of a tractor or a smaller size wheel loader. is clamped up, that is, the smaller the processing load is successful. in addition to the pro...

    • 2017 Piko OH splitter 835 on the conveyor

      $6,496 - Kauhava, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      oh 835 pico saw chain conveyor of 3.5 m own hydraulic power requirement of about 15hp is suitable for a small rear of the tractor. max log diameter 300 mm max chopped wood measuring 650 mm splittin...

    • Piko JK 2016 from 200 in 1900 inc VAT

      $2,074 - Kauhava, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      domestic piko cranes withstand the mechanical dating back to zero or hydraulic swivel body. grapple opening 200cm 3 pin strong box-shaped structure swivel 45 degrees in both directions. weight 280 ...

    • Piko KTS

      No price - Joensuu, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      heavy-duty piko / kts takala us !! working widths alk.240cm, standard castors, heavy duty swivel unit, high-wing, under the wing sävarusteena ngon swing !! ask lh-osa joensuu

    • Piko polttomoott.

      $2,158 - Finland
      • Manufacturer: Piko

      country: finland