• 1998 Planatol PLANAX TB 380

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    max. 380mm binding length, max. 60mm thick block heating time approximately 15 minutes to 180 copies per hour. the data are mechanically translated in the english language. translation errors are p...

  • 2001 Planax Perfect Binder F2

    No price - Wickede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    perfect binder perfect binder planatol planax f2 perfect binder for cold glue. very neat authorities engine. technical information please refer to the attached pdf file top condition, immediately a...

  • 1996 Planax Perfect Binder FII #PL160229A

    No price - Magstadt, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    1 clamp for hand feeding milling- and roughening station cold glue spine glueing manual cover feeder nipping station heating plate for block drying

  • 2002 Planatol PlanaxPerfect Binder F II mit Trockenstation

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    a binding machine for the manufacture of high-quality brochures with continuous envelopes through the use of fast-setting dispersionskaltleims rapid planax art can also print and samtoffsetpapiere ...

  • Planax Perfect Binder FII

    No price - Stuttgart, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    age 1996 · 1 clamp for hand feeding· milling- and roughening station· cold glue back glueing· manual cover feeder· pressing station· heating plate for block drying· delivery time: immediately

  • 1992 MBO B 30-4.4

    $4,716 - Huningue, France
    • Manufacturer: MBO
    • Size: 760x1270 mm

    planax glue device and extra set of split rollers for glue applications stream delivery

  • Planatol Planax Type 1191

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Planatol

    heissleimklebebinder with electric slide, manual anpressvorichtung, bindeguteinsatzlänge to 44 cm, breadth of use to 6 cm, with an envelope system, length 122 cm, width 65 cm, height 40 cm, weight ...

  • 1997 Planax F II Perfect binder

    No price - Emmelshausen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    heated cancel angle mobile table paper dust extraction slot- and routing teeth tools very clean and in top conditions