• platte wagen 6 mtr 2,20 breed stalen bodem

    • Manufacturer: VAT

      price info: excl. vat

      $2,595 (USD)
      Veghel, Netherlands
    • Platte wagen

      • Manufacturer: Platte

        margin: ex. vat

        No price
        Wijhe, Netherlands
      • Platte wagen Zwaar transport

        • Manufacturer: Platte wagen

          further information on request

          $2,325 (USD)
          Neer, Netherlands
        • 1985 Others ONBEKEND Platte wagen

          • Manufacturer: Onbekend

            located wags with open shots

            No price
            Hummelo, Netherlands
          • Platte wagen 4 wieligewagen

            • Manufacturer: Platte wagen

              tandemas bale wagon with hay fences characteristic: 360618

              No price
              Moordrecht, Netherlands


                the transport car is equipped with a tools and / or surface box. light 12 volt and 24 volt. remmen: oil 2 assig. bodem completely clothed with trainplace. in very good maintenance. useful. photos say a lot...

                $4,657 (USD)
                Gendt, Netherlands
              • BDL platte kraan wagen of hooiwagen

                • Manufacturer: BDL

                  bdl transportwagen bdl 10ton trailer as base length of loading space 4100 mm | width 2400mm | side height 570mm | bottom height from the ground 1090mm veneer thickness 12mm own weight 530kg cranes availabl...

                  No price
                  Menaldum, Netherlands
                • PLATTE wagen tractor trailer

                      axles: 2 | dealer stock id: mch-174058 | body; dimensions: length - 6 m

                      $2,600 (USD)
                      Veghel, Netherlands
                    • PLATTE wagen N4473 light trailer

                          dealer stock id: n4473

                          No price
                          Goudriaan, Netherlands
                        • PLATTE wagen flatbed trailer

                              volume: 2.26 m³ | dealer stock id: n4752 | body; dimensions: 3.7 m × 1.7 m × 0.36 m

                              No price
                              Goudriaan, Netherlands

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