• 2014 Pneumatische Drillmaschine Universal & Front Turbo

    $8,852 - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pneumatische Drillmaschine

    universal & front turbo 1 outlet pipe dm 100mm output to the tower manifold hydraulic blower turbine dm 395 mm electric sowing motor replaceable sowing shaft standard axle shaft plastic met...

  • 2017 Pneumatische Drillmaschine 9m Turbo-Jet-Super12 Elektrisch

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: JET Tools

    turbo-jet super 12 sologizer for maize seed sowing with up to 12 rows possible directly under the maize plant with the impact plate grünlandstriegel ackerwalze arable land cleaning nachsaatger...