• 2014 Pneumatische Drillmaschine Universal & Front Turbo

    $8,510 - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pneumatische Drillmaschine

    universal & front turbo 1 outlet pipe dm 100mm output to the tower distributor hydraulic blower turbine dm 395 mm electric sowing motor replaceable seed shaft standard axle shaft plastic me...

  • 2016 Pneumatische Drillmaschine 9m Turbo-Jet-Super12 Elektrisch

    No price - Loxstedt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: JET Tools

    turbo-jet super 12 sologizer for maize seed sowing with up to 12 rows possible directly under the maize plant with the impact plate greenland field roller field harrow sowing machine drill d...

  • 2010 Sonstige Joskin Scariflex 600

    No price - Altenberge, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Joskin
    • Model: SCARIFLEX 600

    6m arbeitsbreite, bj. 2010, spezialstahl, verzinkt, gefederte anhängung, einstellbare weidebelüfter, hydr. klappbar, gummiräder, pneumatische drillmaschine., aufbaustreuer einböcke, striegel, höhen...