• Koja POR 4/94

    • Manufacturer: Koja

      with lingual protection. the plume is equipped with a copper system, allowing for a single turn to change the width of the thief from 30 to 50 cm. the first hull distance from the center is also fitted. rear w...

      $8,333 (USD)
      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • NARDI PORS 130 Ploughs

      • Manufacturer: Nardi

        reversible two-year plow idr completely revised and repainted as new movements idr

        No price
        Abruzzo, Italy
      • Agro-Masz POR 4+1

        • Manufacturer: Agro-Masz

          -scale adjustment of the width of the wagon -language protection from stones -battery cylinder with memory function, operated by one lever rear wheel with shock absorber -cable 5th casing 12 month warranty!]]>

          $9,589 (USD)
          Vilnius, Lithuania

          • Manufacturer: Gregoire besson

            gregoire besson shot by ballesta

            $2,879 (USD)
            A Coruña, Spain
          • Fellows 10-4 2123

            • Manufacturer: Fellows

              fellows model 10-4 new 2017 remanufactured 3-axis cnc gear shaper, max od 10'', 4'' face, 4 dp machine specifications: equipment features: * fanuc oi-md control * 20 hp spindle motor with programmable ac variable...

              No price
              Statesville, NC, USA
            • RPM 48-8 2034

                  rpm model 48-8 remanufactured gear shaper, fanuc 3 axis oi-md control, new 2017 specifications: min. internal diameter standard mechanical equipment: * fanuc oi-md cnc 3-axis execution (infeed, cutter rotation, w...

                  No price
                  Statesville, NC, USA
                • 2017 POR-4 reversible plough

                      coverage: 2.1 m | net weight: 1480 kg | vehicle condition: new

                      $9,339 (USD)
                      Bialystok, Poland
                    • 2017 Koja POR-3 reversible plough

                          coverage: 1.55 m | net weight: 1200 kg | operating speed: 25 km/h | vehicle condition: new | overall dimensions: 4.1 m × 1.65 m × 2.55 m | required tractor power: 100 hp

                          $6,922 (USD)
                          Bialystok, Poland
                        • 2017 Agro-Masz POR 4 Schar Wender-Neugerät

                          • Manufacturer: Agro-Masz

                            description new 4-sharp reversing plow-blade-spring securing mechanism-mechanical cutting width adjustment 35, 40, 45, 50 cm-ab 1.40m-2.0m- pendulum support wheel can also be used as a transport wheel- adjustabl...

                            $11,281 (USD)
                          • 2015 Sonstige Agro Masz POR 4

                            • Manufacturer: Agro-Masz

                              description agro masz por 4 reversing plow with anti-theft device, disc and swinging wheel and body stand 100. optionally also available with stripping body, inserts, skimmers, etc. model po is also possible wi...

                              $11,178 (USD)

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