• Primus PL202038/D

    No price - Gaithersburg, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Primus

    primus / kuhlman pharmapro steam sterilizer (20x20x38) - double door condition: excellent guarantee: yes warranty: one-year warranty on pressure vessel 90-day warranty on all other parts ...

  • 2006 Rigaku ZSX Primus II

    No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Rigaku

    used rigaku industrial wavelenght dispersive x-ray fluorescence tester, type zsx primus ii, optics above design, 200 volt, 35 amps, 60 hertz, serial# dr06046, built 2006.

  • Marley / SPX Cooling Tower Co Refrigeration PRIMUS 5G8847

    No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Marley / SPX Cooling Tower Co

    marley, model primus, cooling tower. cooling capacity rated up to 296 gpm and 70 nominal tonnage – depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. equipped with corrosio...

  • 2014 Beinlich Primus Beregeningshaspel

    $33,481 - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Beinlich

    state machine: new new beinlich reel. hose length is 400 meters with a hose diameter of 125mm. fully hydraulic operation. pendulum axle under car spray for smooth entry. computer controlled. ...

  • Weiler Primus

    No price - Wormerveer, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Weiler
    • Model: PRIMUS

    weiler primus lz draaibank in nette goedwerkende staat. specificaties: draaidiameter over het bed 245mm afstand tussen de centers 450mm doorlaat 23mm voeding x-y as langsvoeding variabel in te stel...

  • WEILER Primus

    No price - Gorxheimertal, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Weiler
    • Model: PRIMUS

    no. 3629th: 1 gebr. sliding and screw lathe fabr. weiler type primus more information and photos on request bg0pa

  • MADO MEW 713 Primus

    No price - Berlin, Germany

      intelligence simplifies work the special shape of the filler neck can be largely dispensed with all mado wolves on the pusher. the primus is equipped with 3-piece. cutting set unger h82 consisting ...

    • 2016 Beinlich Primus 120/350

      No price - Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Beinlich

      state machine: new new beinlich primus. hose thickness 120mm. hose length 350 meters. the reel is equipped with all the options, including parallelogram to the spray carriage for a beautiful fa...

    • Holzer 1436 SE PRIMUS

      No price - Terontola, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Holzer

      bordatrice holzher mod. 1436 se primus 6000 composition: - gluing unit - cutter - tiltable pneumatic double end trimming - trimming tiltable double stacked - overlapping raschiabordi - brushes work...

    • 1981 WEILER Primus LZ - G 1035-04230

      No price - Günzburg, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Weiler

      2297 the machine (from a training workshop) coming soon in our warehouse! telef for questions please. contacting hr. ralf schmeisser 380 v, 50 hz, with cee plug u. cable color green vierbackenfut...