• 2015 RINK WBS30

    $11,583 - Bruchem, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: VAT

    rink wbs30 compost spreader (only 1 year old !!) -content 3m3 -provide of hydraulically driven deck chain -150cm wide bogie -groothoek koppelbok with pto -kar has a very small turning circle ...

  • 2001 Rink Hydraulic trailing axle

    No price - Zusmarshausen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Rink

    for further technical information about your family and pictures coming soon.

  • Rink "LB-6"

    No price - Kiev, Ukraine Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Индустриальная группа УПЭК

    rink "lb-6" is an agricultural tool for processing of arable land, is aggregated with tractors of different classes. in the process, seals the topsoil to a depth of 7 cm and at the same time loosen...

  • Rink water filled SIDS

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    description water-filled roller sids is used in the care of grassland, football stadiums, golf courses when they are created and lawns tab. when a roller is compressed topsoil and increases makeup ...

  • 1990 Rink KM 690 Decrowner Bottle Filling Line

    No price - Freising, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Rink

    order: 200392cku (please always indicate) capacity: 20.000 b/h, manufacturer: rink, y.o.c.: 1990, type: km 690 1 head incl. format parts, bottle formats: nrw and euro 0, 5 l or 0, 33 l ale and stei...

  • Rink toothed ringed KZK-6-02 (water filled)

    No price - Kiev, Ukraine Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Уманьферммаш

    rink toothed ringed kzk-6-02 (water filled) is used for preplant soil packing soil and posleposevnogo, grinding the surface of the soil cover and partial alignment of the plowed field. rink operate...

  • Rink GS-15

    $13,378 - Greven, Germany

      large-area coulter; belt spreader with brush; spread width: 145 cm; fully hydraulic drive; low profile tire: alliance rib 222 tl 19.0 / 45-17; brake with brake; lighting; stvzo equipment; i...

    • Other RINK GS 20 Mehzweckahnhänger WITH ROLLER

      $1,386 Recently Added

        ahnhÄnger rink gs 20 the ahnÄnger istmit a band soil and a roller equipped.

      • Mounted mechanical seed drill AMBER 900/1200

        No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
        • Manufacturer: Unia

        description rink: ø500 mm rubber | hopper tilt: there is | axis linkage: ø60-825 / ø36 mm | coulter pressure: 100 kg | earthing devices: there is | hydraulic markers: there is | openers single disc...

      • 2012 Rink WBS 15

        $4,756 - Heddesheim, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Rink

        mist spreader for viticulture drawbar: low mounted | undercarriage: single axle | condition info: second-hand machine