• 2016 Redexim Rink 1010 Borstelstrooier

    • Manufacturer: Redexim

      rink 1010 pulled brush spreader year built 2016 features; - working width: 150 cm - baking capacity: 750 liters - free weight: 270 kg - hydraulically adjustable belt and brush drive - as with 4 wheels for v...

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      IJsselstein, Netherlands
    • 2015 RINK WBS30

      • Manufacturer: VAT

        rink wbs30 compost spreader (only 1 year old !!) content 3m3 - provided with hydraulic driven bottom chain -150cm wide tandem set wide-angle clutch with pulley -kar has a very short turning circle widesprea...

        Bruchem, Netherlands
      • Rink GmbH Pasteur with tube heat exchanger Flash Pasteurizer

        • Manufacturer: Rink GmbH
        • Capacity: 1.000 l/h

        order: 201211cku (please always indicate) capacity: 1.000 l/h, manufacturer: rink gmbh, siutable for thick liquids, tub heat exchanger integrated in boiler pasteur with tube heat exchanger manufacturer: rink gmb...

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        Freising, Germany
      • 1977 Sonstige Rink 1.8 to Triebachsmiststreuer

        • Manufacturer: Sonstige

          trie bach miststreuer length complete: 3980 mm width complete: 1850 mm width of spreader: 1260 mm width of loading bridge: 1260 mm (stock tenneck)

          Golling an der Salzach, Austria
        • 2012 Tielbürger TK48

          • Manufacturer: ICE

            self-propelled sweeping machine with 1 meter wide brush honda gxv 160 4.1kw (5.5pk)

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          • Rink Strooier

            • Manufacturer: Rink

              used rink narrow-range compost truck. van rink spezialmaschinen gmhb a great machine for the fruit maker. with rear exit. and hydraulic chain bottom. technically in good condition, he can test him extensivel...

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              Linschoten, Netherlands
            • 2012 Charterhouse 1210 RINK

              • Manufacturer: Charterhouse

                charterhouse rink 1210 top dresser 3 point link mounted pto driven hopper capacity 1 cubic meter spreading width of 1.8m continuously adjustable spreading amount

                England, United Kingdom
              • Mounted mechanical seeder AMBER 900/1200

                • Manufacturer: Unia

                  description rink: rubber ø500 mm | pivot axis: ø60-825 / ø36 mm | zagortachi: there is | awning bunker: there is | electric system: there is | coulter pressure: 100 kg | stepless gearbox: there is | hydraulic mar...

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                  Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
                • Disc harrow Bomet

                  • Manufacturer: Bomet

                    descriptionthe mounted disc harrows are designed for presowing treatment of dense soils plowed in autumn (except stony soils), with moisture guaranteeing normal operation. the disc harrow can also be used to tear...

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                    Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
                  • 2013 Bomar Transverse 610 440DGH

                    • Manufacturer: Bomar

                      band saw a couple of years had little use. . electrical control, according to the roller rink

                      Sotkamo, Finland