• Pharmacia GeneQuant II RNA DNA Calculator

    $1,900 - Hayward, CA

      fixed wavelengths 230, 260, 280, 320 nm printer output

    • Roche Cobas Taqman-96 Automated Real-Time PCR Amplification Detection Analyzer

      $4,650 - Lima, OH
      • Manufacturer: Roche

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the roche cobas taqman is an automated 96-sample assay amplification and detection analyzer. this instrument offers real-time pcr analysis for dna and rna samples in one clos...

    • Promega MX3031 Maxwell 16 AS2000 Paramagnetic Particle Sample Purification Processor

      $2,500 - Lima, OH
      • Manufacturer: Promega

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 the promega maxwell 16 automated nucleic acid purification system is a research instrument that can prepare dna, rna, protein, and ffpe samples. the instrument purifies 1-16 ...

    • Savant DNA110 SpeedVac Concentrator

      $1,500 - Hayward, CA

        savant dna110 speedvac concentrator offers quick drying of small-volume dna/rna samples diaphragm pump: 36l/min rotor: rd24, accommodates 24 1.5-2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes can be custom configured...

      • Eppendorf Vacufuge

        $2,499 - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Eppendorf

        the eppendorf vacufuge is a vacuum concentrator for the gentle and efficient concentration of dna/rna, nucleotides, proteins, and other liquid samples. it features quiet operation, a chemical resis...

      • FLUKE 332D DC Voltage Standard/Null Detector

        $3,000 - Hamilton Township, NJ
        • Manufacturer: Fluke

        the fluke 335d dc voltage standard/null detector provide the functions of a precision dc voltage standard with those of a differential voltmeter and high impedance null detector. in differential vo...

      • Eppendorf Vacufuge Plus Model 5305

        $2,199 - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Eppendorf

        the eppendorf vacufuge model 5305 is a bench scale unit designed for efficient and gentle vacuum concentration of dna/rna, nucleotides, proteins and other wet samples. this unit dries multiple samp...

      • Beckman Coulter Microfuge 18

        $849 - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Beckman coulter

        a benchtop microcentrifuge used for separations and concentrations in small tubes. - multi-line lcd display of speed and force - runtime options of timed, hold, or pulse - ideal for fast pelleting...

      • Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410

        $19,999 - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Molecular Dynamics

        the molecular dynamics (now ge healthcare) typhoon 9410 variable mode imager is a gel, blot, and microarray analysis system that is able to perform multicolor fluorescence, filmless autoradiography...

      • 1994 John Deere 19949500 Combine harvester : 9500

        $35,075 - Saint Petersburg, FL Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: John Deere
        • Hours: 3 298 h

        description : 1994 john deere 9500 combinehour meter reads: 3298;overall condition: excellent;a/c: good;glass: excellent;wheels: steel;unit runs & operates as it should?: yes;13 spd, john deere eng...