• Universal road machine K-702MVA-UDM2 Peter-FTA

    $117,860 - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Завод спецтехники ЗСТ

    universal road machine udm-2 on the basis of tractor k-702 combines the functions of a bulldozer and loader required to perform a variety of road works. this road machine is an upgraded model of th...

  • Drivex VB 280

    $5,057 - Falkenberg, Sweden Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Drivex

    country: sweden | division: farm equipment | attachments: sms bracket | working width: 9.19 feet

  • Snow removers milling rotary K-703MA-OS-Peter FTA

    $113,710 - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Завод спецтехники ЗСТ

    snow removers milling rotary k-703ma-os fta (k-703ma-sfr-peter fta) classification refers to the road engineering and for clearing snow from the road surface. thanks to its technical characteristic...

  • 2014 Yamaha 550 Quad with snow plow and winch

    $12,670 - Damann Maschinen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Yamaha

    yamaha 550 grizzly injection, special edition. schneschild with quick-change system (without tools), handle heating, cable winch with bracket, trailer coupling, windscreen. from exchange special pr...

  • 2015 Oxsa 285 Snow

    No price - Joensuu, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Oxsa

    little used! country: finland | division: farm equipment

  • 2015 John Deere X 758 With Zaugg snow-flake (Demo)

    $29,487 - Bruno Oetiker GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: X 758
    • Hours: 20

    newly-developed x758er with servo steering, all-wheel drive, front sprocket and road traffic equipment attached to the front a zaugg snowmachine 130 cm wide powerful combination machine is currentl...

  • 2003 Amazone E+S 750 Winter Road single disc

    $1,003 - Baden-Württemberg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Amazone
    • Model: ES 750

    container capacity 750 l, 1300 kg payload, empty weight 195 kg filling height 1.30 m filling width 1.40 m, width sat. 1.50 m, length 1.23 m addition, new gearbox and disc replacement parts b8psx

  • 2017 AB 3,6 VARIO Schneeschild Schneepflueg / snow plough

    $12,187 - Bialystok, Poland
    • Manufacturer: AB

    ab 3.6 vario - year of manufacture 2015 - width: 3,6m - protection against snow - expanding side - ram - sidelights - hydraulic wheels - highly wear strip zgarniająca- steel (hardox) - ste...

  • Universal road machine CT-5701-FTA UDM-1

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Завод спецтехники ЗСТ

    description universal road machine ct-5701-fta udm-1 is one of the most popular machines for various road works. the main feature of udm-1 is a combination of a tractor and a bulldozer in the same ...

  • 2016 Oxsa 250 Snow Evo

    $6,062 - Vimpeli, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Oxsa

    non-interest bearing. new oxsan 250 snow evo. evo is 30 cm shorter than the usual 250 snowta. additional width for cultivation of vanes 370: een cm. eur 7100, including alvin. linko location v...