• Röka B673 30`000L Milchtank

    $32,020 - Hottwil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Röka

    milchtank 30000l without cooling can however be equipped with cooling. with griesser savoy washing machine dimensions: l: 8.7m, w: 2.5m, h: 2.8m

  • Röka A131000Lt A14 Milchtank 1000Lt

    $8,850 - Sutter Landtechnik GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Röka

    milchtank röka 1000lt, 1 axle at pw cleaning pump, chiller with ice water the tank can be visited in our branch in muolen mass l the price includes occ. cooling machine, occ. control new parts are ...

  • Roka RK 500/2 stationary

    $4,475 - KOCH AGRITECH GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Roka

    occ: tank, refrigeration unit, control unit control unit griesser savoy also possible for mounting on axle with overrun device tank capacity 500 lt. / tank l inside 128 cm / b inside 90 cm / h insi...

  • Röka 1000Lt R-square A33 milk cooler rectangular

    $4,475 - Sutter Landtechnik GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Röka

    dairy cooler röka 1000lt rectangular the tank can be visited in our branch in muolen mass l the price includes occ. cooling machine, occ. control and occ. stirrer. new parts are possible for a surc...

  • RÖKA 5000 L

    No price - Europe
    • Manufacturer: VAT

    used packo milk cooler tank - max. contents approx. 5100 liters - without cleaning and refrigeration your contact: eiko wachtendorf

  • 2015 Roadrunner ROKA 250


      renting possible 480 mmverkaufsklappe additionally painted 1760 x 165 x for front and rear side outside table on drawbar in body color: unique pendants for cocktail or juice concepts sisfahrzeug: g...

    • 2008 ROKA Bierwagen SKY Bar

        • Width: 7,000 mm

        bierwagen in very good condition: -hydraulic lowering connected -2 ​​high among libraries cooler in series - 10 line truss system -soundanlage -lichtkonzept -leitungsreinigungsanlage in cold storag...

      • ROKA Roadrunner type 35 - Coffee Verkaufsanhänger


          roadrunner type 35 - snack or coffee van selling records station and sufficient kühlungder roadrunner type 35 is suitable with its dimensions perfect for a coffee or snack concept concept. inside a...

        • ROKA Alko VKD250 Promotion * advertising * serving * Dose

          • Manufacturer: Alko
          • Width: 2,520 mm

          trailer: roka alko vkd 250 followers 5 x available new price was about € 35,000 car trailer can-gray metallic (hangers are however with foil glued) quality special design for promotional and advert...

        • 2013 ROKA Combi Box 350 demonstration Takeout Container


            equipment list combibox 350 there is a container - no vehicle ideal for classic snack concepts! - dimensions approx .: length closed: 3500 mm width closed / open: 3400 mm / 3760 mm height inside / ...