$35,000 - Montreal, Canada Recently Added

      rontech autmatic leaflet insert feeder distributor model mf-220lavusrpsvst, serial number 10-2864, year 2010, adjustable for various leaflet sizes, stainless steel and aluminum anodize construction...

    • Cartoner, IMA, Mdl Flexa CLD, Placer, Inserter, Line

      No price - Brisbane, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: ima

      (2) ima cartoning line, consisting of ima fastpik robot to properly place product onto conveyor, leading to ima flexa cld cartoner and rontech pamphlet inserter. previously placing product with 6" ...

    • Bosch Cartoner Auto Horiz. Tuck (Auto) CUK 3060 5G0711

      No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Bosch

      bosch model cuk 3060, continuous motion, stainless steel, horizontal tuck, cartoner rated from 40 to 240 cartons per minute – depending on materials and application. carton size range: 60mm to 120m...

    • Used- Bosch CUK 3060 Horizontal Blister Cartoner capable of speeds up to 240 cartons per minute

      No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Bosch

      70726016 used- bosch cuk 3060 horizontal blister cartoner capable of speeds up to 240 cartons per minute. has a carton size range: length 34mm - 120mm, width 15mm - 85mm, depth 75mm - 120mm. includ...

    • Bausch & Stroebel Packing line for syringes

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Bausch & Stroebel

      packing line for syringes bausch & stroebel used machine packing line for syringes consists of: device for the automatic outloading of syringes cassettes robotronic ag mrt-psk-gp01 year of manufact...

    • 2005 IWKA SC 6

      No price - Hamburg, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: IWKA

      continuously running, box formats width 20-125, height 15-110, length 50-230 mm, output max. 150 (300 after rebuild) boxes/min, overhead conveyor for handover to cartoner, 3 pcs. friction feeder fo...

    • 2004 Sollas FSM 500 Four Sided Seal Machine

      No price - Beograd, Serbia
      • Manufacturer: Sollas

      general machine data: main power: 230/400v 3 phase+neutral - 50//60hz - 10a pressure: 5-6 bar air consumption: 750 ltrs/min machine speed: 60-400 strokes/min net. weight: 850 kg product specificat...