• Rose Theegarten cut & wrapping machine type fold

        rose theegarten cut & wrapping machine type fold, for a production of 500 pieces / minute. priced at euros 15.000.- ex works

        Andalusia, Spain

        • Manufacturer: ROSE THEEGARTEN PACTEC

          rose theegarten u1 / f1 high speed cut & wrap stickpackplant; 5 pieces on flat yomm is unknown reliably, as there are no more machines - plates on the machines anymore, we guess as yom ... in the 1990`s but: the ...

          Düsseldorf, Germany
        • Toffee complete 1000 piece minute line

              complete line to make toffee for 1000 piece minute in double twist including: bosch 110 c candy cooker . ruffinatti rct 150 cooling drum . ruffinatti tz40 horizontal pulling machine . ratti batch roller . rope si...

              No price
              Andalusia, Spain
            • No price
              Marseille, France