• Ruchser lifting station TYPE RU-S2E-SPECIAL glazing route

    $6,217 - Radeberg, Germany

      ruchser lifting station for studio window with motorized lifting device above and below the concrete   type ru-s2e-special incl. 2x type ru-s2 used plant, bj. 1997 fabr.-nr. 00941-2-97   item no. k...

    • 1995 RUCHSER RU-BES Fittings drilling machines

      No price - Aalen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: RUCHSER

      fittings drilling machines ruchser ru-bes used machine no. 03766 hardware drill ruchser ru-bes 1995, good condition 2 spindles tool equipped 3 foot pedals: drilling down-default pneumatic clamping ...

    • 2000 Ruchser RU-VGPA4 Glass press

      $2,508 - Königsbach-Stein, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ruchser

      working width 4 m working height 2, 3 m both press bar to the rear retractable element from both sides push-fit pneumatic centering height 500 mm

    • 2000 Ruchser TMV 6 T - connector Assembly station

      No price - Sankt Egidien, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ruchser

      length 6000 mm overall dimensions l x d x h 6450 x 1200 x 1750 mmpositionierung during the attack on digital display, with pneumatic detection 4 pieces rest stops to position of the carriage when r...

    • Ruchser Window Dolly

      No price - Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ruchser

      sеen 16 chambers as in the picture for indoor transport of casements

    • 2001 SCHUECO GSM 235 Klipsautomat

      No price - Hesse, Germany
      • Manufacturer: SCHUECO

      sh. klipsautomat makе schüco model gsm 235 built in 2001 with glasleistensäge schüco / ruchser ru-gls-a and longitudinal stop ruchser ru-lap-3 with positioning klipsautomat schüco, model ksm 23...

    • 2006 Ruchser RU-HS-EH Hub station for the glazing "electric motor.

      No price - Lower Austria, Austria
      • Manufacturer: Ruchser

      lifting station with electrically operated lifting device lifting device 1900 mm: )) 1,000 mm above and 900 mm under the bottom movable. ) security control ) stopping on roller rail height ) 4.400...