• 1998 Rumpstad FH4X75 rijenfrees

        rumpstad rijenfrees, neat machine. with damper cylinder speed ​​caps are as good as new.

        $4,952 (USD)
        Zijldijk, Netherlands
      • 2007 Rumpstad RPV 400-480 V4

        • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

          type rpv 140-480, 4 scissors. is performed with heavy turntable up to 240 hp, shaker 480, discs 56cm. smooth forward. voltage cat. iii, adjustable cutting width from 35 to 50 cm, height 80cm and 100cm betw...

          $11,396 (USD)
          Stad aan 't Haringvliet, Netherlands
        • 2009 Rumpstad RPV 140-480-V3

          • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

            variable plow with 480 grid, cartels and foreshadows, height team 80cm between the elements 100cm, variable from 35 to 50cm.

            $12,535 (USD)
            Stad aan 't Haringvliet, Netherlands
          • 2009 Rumpstad RPV 120-480 3-schaar

            • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

              very tidy rumptstad rpv 120-480 variable turntable, with straw inserts, smooth discs, front shovels. zoolijzers recently renewed.

              $7,920 (USD)
              Stad aan 't Haringvliet, Netherlands
            • 2007 Rumpstad RPV 140-480-V4

              • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

                rumptstad rpv 140 v4 with cartilage discs and deep gear wheel, pre-cut.

                $8,831 (USD)
                Stad aan 't Haringvliet, Netherlands
              • 2011 Rumpstad RPV 120-480 V3+1

                • Manufacturer: VAT

                  due to circumstances for sale: rumptstadt rpv 120-480-v3 + 1 with lemken vorenpakker. a total of about 300 ha plowed. very neat combination please note: margin machine € 14750 incl. vat (vat is not recoverable)

                  $16,906 (USD)
                • Rumpstad 6 schaar

                  • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

                    ref: 745 a transaction: for sale | margin / vat: vat

                    No price
                    North Brabant, Netherlands
                  • Rumpstad vier schaar ploeg

                    • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

                      rumpstad four scissors plow with disc jets and tricycle price: 7100, - euro excl vat

                      $8,177 (USD)
                      Lettele, Netherlands
                    • RUMPSTAD RTS200 field roller

                          dealer stock id: mch-170856

                          $2,038 (USD)
                          Veghel, Netherlands
                        • 2015 Rumpstad Optimus 4 schaar (3+1)

                          • Manufacturer: Rumpstad

                            rumptstad optimus 4 scissors (3 + 1) incl. pta hardened and reversible points and pta hardened shears. cartels discs and deep gear wheels. incl. hydr. tap for pick-up.

                            $20,927 (USD)
                            Stad aan 't Haringvliet, Netherlands

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