• 2010 Kasi 4/1400 -12 phytosanitary rye

    • Manufacturer: Kasi

      hydraulic booms, 3 electrical blocks, suction filling device, vaahtomerkkari, hydaulinen boom height adjustment.

      Lahti, Finland
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      Liverpool, United Kingdom
    • Rye SB50 Single Head Horizontal Rail Borer

          450mm x 300mm table with handwheel rise and fall adjustment pneumatic workpiece clamp 3 spindle drill head [ da2/b ] with 1.1kw motor foot pedal cycle control serial nr - 178

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          Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Rye VPB 8 Head Vertical Rail Borer

              2.5m long table [ approx 2.3m max betwwen 2 outside heads.] 3 x pneumatic workpiece clamps equipped with 8 x rye type du5 drilling heads : all single spindle with jacobs chucks heads are motor driven x 1.5kw and ...

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              Liverpool, United Kingdom
            • RYE TWIN HEAD SHAPER

              • Manufacturer: RYE

                rye twin head shaper specification : work piece size:300mm(min) to 1730mm (max) table diameter:1730mm spindle speed:8700r.p.m spindle diameter:1¼" spindle height:100mm max. cutter diameter range:100mm c...

                Johor, Malaysia
              • Rye J2 4 head Side Slot Mortiser

                • Manufacturer: Rye

                  rye j2 4 head side slot mortiser -max. width: 60mm -max. slot depth:70mm -spindle motor: 1,2,3&4 (0.75kw x 4 /415v) -oscillation:1.5hp -spindle motor: 0.75hp x 4 /415v -oscillation motor:1.5hp -top press :...

                  Johor, Malaysia
                • Amac GF5

                  • Manufacturer: Amac

                    controls, stainless steel caps, widia hooks cape caps: yes | working width: 3 meters | number of rows: 4 | driving distance: 75 cm | widia freeshaken: yes | manufacturer and model: amac gf5

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                    Krabbendijke, Netherlands

                    • Manufacturer: RYE

                      rye j2 4 head double side slot mortiser - max. slot width :60mm - max. slot depth :70mm - max. slot height : 80mm - min. center-to-center distance : 2,3,4 spindle min 70mm - max. center-to-center distance...

                      Johor, Malaysia
                    • Halmec Halters 2 rijen

                      • Manufacturer: VAT

                        ref: 887 transaction: for sale | margin / vat: vat

                        North Brabant, Netherlands
                      • 2016 Meyer RT220

                        • Manufacturer: Meyer

                          1906 gear, hydraulic front & rear unload, rear gate delay, 12" side extensions, rear hitch, 4th beater, 425 truck tires, kept in the shed. we ran this in 2017 rye.

                          Reasnor, IA, USA