• 2005 Claas Quadrant 2100 rc mit Samka-Häcksler (Brandschaden)

    $21,053 - Handewitt, Germany
    • Manufacturer: CLAAS

    fire damage in the middle section (see pictures), front-mounted chopper is almost not affected by the fire. the press has a knotter blower. the knife holder is held with tensioning straps because...

  • 2000 New Holland BB 940RT With SAMKA front loader

    No price - Bleienbach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: New Holland

    very nice cultivated large-ball press from your squadball specialist luise, 80x90 cm, samka front-mounted chopper, big heavy duty knives, hydr. pick-up elevator, hold-down device, 23 knives, wide a...

  • 1998 New Holland D 1010

    No price - Aesch, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: New Holland
    • Model: D 1010

    80x90 cm, articulated shaft with intermediate bearing (samka transmission), overload coupling, grinding wheels, 6 knives, samka chopper, 4 knotters, bale rack with rollers, hydr. ejection device, a...

  • 2008 New Holland BB 960 A A

    No price - Aesch, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: New Holland
    • Model: BB 960 A

    large ball press, 120x90 cm, pick-up 225 cm, hydr. elevator, feeder worm, wide angle articulated shaft intermediate bearing, overload coupling, samka shredder, twine binding, 6 knotters, bale rack ...