• autonegozio

    $17,088 - Campania, Italy Recently Added

      i sell vans ford transit 2400 turbo. vehicle provided with fully automatic curtain brand mancini with 18 months tarp life. i also sell around markets consisting of: jumpers monday, wednesday san gi...

    • Truck and around markets

      $17,088 - Campania, Italy Recently Added

        buy truck for walking ford transit with automatic mancini tent. telo 18 months well oltre market stands sell life ponticelli district engraved dia monday, wednesday san giorgio to cremate two licen...

      • POMINI-FARREL No.9 PCM230 Continuous Mixer

        No price - United Kingdom
        • Manufacturer: Farrel

        continuous mixer pomini-farrel no.9 pcm230 continuous mixer used machine pomini-farrel no.9 pcm230 continuous mixer year 1993 with gearbox and motor motor details: producer: ansaldo san giorgio, mo...

      • Renault Master 2.8 diesel with places

        $2,670 - Campania, Italy Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Renault

        hello i sell renault master with seats in excellent condition, well equipped with tow bar for info john milleauto 3926609571 ...... milleauto milleauto coming daafragola acerra arzano bacoli boscor...

      • food autonegozio

        $8,544 - Viterbo, Italy Recently Added

          autonegozio san giorgio currently equipped sweets, pursuant hccp fiat om 50 c license led lights, side door and rear hydraulic, on a practical hand pull-out counter, view very perfect low showcase,...

        • Motor submarine vintage 1934

          No price - Solero, Italy Recently Added

            submarine engine year 1934 diesel submarine engine fiat endothermic 2 to slow run-stroke diesel, had function of electric power supply of batteries for electric propulsion in immersion of a submari...