• Sankyo P50 Sandex P50 with Vextea GF4G50 and Sankyo 6TF-3C

    $700 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    includes: sandex p50 parallel indexing drives vexta gf4g50 gear head sankyo torque limiters 6tf-3c

  • Sankyo SR8408-F00 (Robot only)

    No price - El Paso, TX
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    sankyo sr8408-f00 robot c. code: cs96005303 robot available no controller available

  • Sankyo P65-022720-L2R3A5 Sandex Parallel Indexing Drives

    $2,169 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    sankyo p65-022720-l2r3a5 sandex parallel indexing electric motor drives

  • Sankyo 8G1-02222L-S3RSTUW5/x Sandex Indexing Drive with Rotary Encoder

    $1,500 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    sankyo 8g1-02222l-s3rstuw5/x sandex indexing drive w/ rotary encoder with omron e6f-ag5c-c rotary encoder (absolute)

  • Sankyo SR 8447-0007A_U_ with SC3000 Controller

    No price - El Paso, TX
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    sankyo sr 8447-0007a_u_ c.code: ss9z005482 robot available with sc3000 robot controller available in good working condition

  • Sankyo 11DU-01249R Sandex Indexing Drive R80 Reducer and 7TF-12A Torque Limiter

    $1,200 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Sankyo

    sankyo 11du-01249r-lr3a5/x sandex r80 reducer indexing drive and 7tf-12a torque limiter sankyo r80-20rcb10 gear reducer sankyo 7tf-12a torque limter

  • Sandex 7FU 2 Indexing Drives with 2 Sankyo 6TF-07C Torque Limiters

    $600 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Sandex

    indexing drive specs: output allowable thrust load: 68.6 output allowable radial load: 137.2 input allowable thrust load: 980 input max repetitious bending force: 931


    No price - Eislingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bruderer
    • Capacity: 22 kW
    • Stroke: 100-550 Hub/min

    4-column machine with hydraulic vari-drive, sankyo v 60a precision double roll feeder on left side, 3 operating modes (single stroke, continuous and set-up), electric 2-hand-operation, stroke cou...

  • 1995 HAULICK RVD 32-760 HS

    No price - Eislingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Siemens
    • Stroke: 30 - 1100 Hub/min

    precision machine in 4-column design, sanyo v76 precision cam feeder, feed direction right to left, with siemens cnc control op15, noise reduction cabin, herion press security valve, central lubric...

  • Haulick & Roos RVD40 press, 23319

    No price - Berkswell, United Kingdom

      one used haulick & roos rvd40-720hs high speed press. year of manufacture 1995.40 ton nominal lster clamping area 740 x 580 710 x 410 area mmram roke length 25 mm fixed.ram adjustment 50 mm.operati...