• 1999 21.1116.R.517 - 46,Bevel gear generator

    No price - Karlsruhe, Germany

      bevel gear generator stanko 5c280p new in 1999 u2q392r2 price exworks russia 24 000,00 usd max. diameter: 800mm max. module: 16 height of teeth: 35mm number of teeth: 5-150 also available spiral be...

    • 1976 SARATOV 5C270P

      No price - Bucharest, Romania
      • Manufacturer: SARATOV

      spiral bevel gear generator 5c270p saratov max. gear diameter 500 mm max. cutting bevel gear width 100 mm max. module 8 max. height of wheel tooth: 22 mm lx7zrghn max. cone distance of gear wheels:...