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  • 1989 Saratov CT270 (5C270P) Bevel gear generator

    • Manufacturer: Saratov

      manufactured by saratov plant (russia) year of manufacture 1989 max. gear wheel diameter, mm 500 module, mm 8 max. gear wheel tooth depth, mm 22 max. gear wheels cone distance, mm 220 max. gear ring width, mm 80 ...

      Vilnius, Lithuania
    • 1999 21.1116.R.517 - 46,Bevel gear generator

          bevel gear generator stanko 5c280p new in 1999 price exworks russia 24 000,00 usd max diameter: 800mm max module: 16 height of teeth: 35mm number of teeth: 5-150 also available spiral bevel gears type 5c280 stank...

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        • STANKO 5C276P Gear shaper

          • Manufacturer: Stanko

            gear shaper stanko 5c276p used machine gear shaper stanko, saratov 5c276p not used, just start up. max work piece diameter 500 mm. max module 10 max outer tapered distance 250 mm. max width of ring gear 80 mm. le...

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          • 1976 SARATOV 5C270P

            • Manufacturer: SARATOV

              spiral bevel gear generator 5c270p saratov max gear diameter 500 mm max cutting bevel gear width 100 mm max module 8 max height of wheel tooth: 22 mm max cone distance of gear wheels: 220 mm max width of gear rin...

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