• 2016 sauna pk-5

    • Manufacturer: sauna

      now saunomis ready for a package at a cheap price. the lounges can accommodate 6 people. pillar blades electrically but can replace the wooden stool. there are still a few of these in stock. bigger sauna pk-9...

    • sauna cart paljulla

          bath tub constructed of a tractor and movable on the base. sauna is a collection of 10 small and medium model with dressing room and sauna. wood-burning stove, benches heavy-duty hardwood alms charts. hot tub 180...

          Jurva, Finland
        • 2016 sauna kärry paljulla

          • Manufacturer: sauna

            sauna and fire built on tractor-movable chassis. sauna is our model pk 10 model with dressing room and sauna. wood briquettes, boards of a heavy glue bar with hardwoods on the slates. palje 1800l. with an ext...

          • 1990 Esterer Combimes BK 100 4

            • Manufacturer: Esterer

              automatic saunas combimes as spare parts carriers consisting of: combines table ars with surveying and centering. saege bk 100, with 4 adjustable flanges, cutting height 100 mm. servicing, engine 110 kw, complete...

              No price
              Bavaria, Germany
            • Self Made your own

              • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

                trailed sauna, wood-burning stove with a water tank, a dressing room.

                Alavus, Finland
              • Mortising a log spool 4 + LIGHT log n.1000m

                    fritz krusi character of the log mortising. 4 spool. the transaction is approx. 1000 m manufactured log. power to the machine and sauna cottage-making.

                    No price
                    Karijoki, Finland
                  • Self Made 2017 RR 18 and RR-6

                    • Manufacturer: Selfmade

                      photos 4-6) special low telikärry, pendulum bogie. lava length 7,2m, width 2,5m. superstructure height from 72cm. suitable for example. pikkupaalien riding and even a sauna cottage / paljun transfer of a tractor....

                      No price
                      Kauhajoki, Finland
                    • 2015 Great Dane USA Toyhauler Camper

                      • Manufacturer: Great Dane
                      • Width: 10,500 mm

                      show promotion trailer with luxury hotel room interior design and furniture new stainless steel trailer fully polished and insulated bathroom with shower and sauna ideal as a trailer for us trucks 10, 50 meters l...

                      Kolkwitz, Germany