• Bil-Jax Scaffolding

    No price - Elba, NE, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax

    bil-jax scaffolding, qty 10, 10 panels, beams included

  • Scaffolding Sections w/ Scaffold X-Bracing

    No price - Sidney, NE, USA
    • Manufacturer: Advance

    scaffolding sections w/ scaffold x-bracing, qty 13, 5' x 5'

  • JCB 930 Forklifts / Lift Trucks

    $35,500 - Shreveport, LA, USA
    • Manufacturer: JCB
    • Model: 930

    four-speed synchromesh gearbox and max-trac give top performance and drive on the roughest ground for both models. operator's area: comfortable, spacious design with excellent visibility. standard ...

  • KITA- Xxl, scaffolding

    No price - Šiauliai, Lithuania

      vehicle condition: used parduodami pastoliai ir ju priedai statramsciai,platformos sijos skersiniai

    • Alloy tower Scaffold scaffolding

      No price - Vilnius, Lithuania Recently Added

        this aluminum mobile tower a lightweight, designed for fast and easy assembly. no additional tools is needed. technical data: max. working height - 3,60 m. mobile tower height - 1,85 m. width - 0,7...

      • Working equipment

        No price - Isernia, Italy Recently Added

          scaffolding socome 17,00 € / cad.uno includes 2 sticks 1,80mt 1 and transverse sticks 1 m 3,00 € / cad.uno puntelle for carpentry 7,00 € / cad.uno machine cleaning from carpentry panels 700,00 € co...

        • Aluminium Gerüst Layher best. aus

          $648 - Leipzig, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Layher

          best aluminum scaffolding layher. from: 16 leadframe (0.80 x 2.10 m), about 30 cross braces (backrest, 1.80 m), 10 lead frame (0.80 x 1.00 m), 9 mobile beam with bar (1.80 m ), 15 diagonal (2.50m),...

        • Building equipment

          No price - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

            lot 7 scaffolding scaffolds, innocent tubes, scaffolding scaffolds various sizes, polyethylene pipes, different diameters for water works site with fittings and taps, scaffolding boards of 4 m, for...

          • INSTANT UpRight INSTANT UpRight 500W alloy tower scaffold scaffolding

            No price - Vilnius, Lithuania Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Up-Right

            span 500 is a new, highly adaptable, fastrack tower system featuring 500mm rung spacing and integral weldless ladder side frames aimed primarily at the rental market. this instant tower can be cons...

          • INSTANT UpRight INSTANT Snappy 300 alloy tower Scaffold scaffolding

            No price - Vilnius, Lithuania Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Up-Right

            instant snappy is an ideal lightweight scaffold for indoor installation and maintenance works which folds out and assembles in seconds. diagonal bar locks automatically and guarantees complete secu...