• Unbranded Aquafine SCD-1000 HE UV Ultraviolet Water Treatment System

    • Manufacturer: Unbranded

      template aquafine scd-1000 he uv ultraviolet water treatment system description aquafine scd-1000 ...

      $45,215 (USD)
      Chandler, AZ, USA
    • 2009 Monosem SCD Hoe

      • Manufacturer: Monosem
      • Model: SCD

        contact jean-claude rodriguez au ows at 80cm working width: 3,2 m | condition info: very good condition

        $3,498 (USD)
        Cestas, France
      • Poly Clip SCD 7095 182071

        • Manufacturer: Poly Clip

          poly clip scd 7095 pneumatically operated single-clipper for all artificial and natural casings, bags and nets

          No price
          Koblenz, Germany
        • Astex AX6500 Diamond Growth System

          • Manufacturer: Astex

            microwave plasma cvd (mpcvd) "clamshell" diamond deposition system designed & produced by astex. capable of high rate single-crystal (scd) diamond homoepitaxy as well as growth of polycrystalline, nanocrystalline...

            No price
            Leominster, MA, USA
          • Coborn Planetary Skive for Diamond Faceting & Polishing Bench

            • Manufacturer: Coborn

              planetary scaif bench for scd polishing & faceting skive wheels/plates, tangs, fixtures available at additional cost, with skive bench purchase. testing: testing and demonstration possible at cline innovations le...

              No price
              Leominster, MA, USA
            • 2012 Quivogne SCD 300

              • Manufacturer: Quivogne
              • Model: SCD 300
              • Working Width: 3.00 m

              deep-loosener scd 300 with arrangement of the tines in 1 row with curved tines. tine thickness 30 mm equipped with 2 follower rollers (corrugated disk roll and roller crimper roller). scd can be combined with t...

              No price
              Bretzenheim, Germany
            • 2008 Quivogne SCD 400

              • Manufacturer: Quivogne

                8 teeth "michel" safety bolts, width 4 m, possibility to disassemble the extensions to work in 3m 6 teeth, roll bar rear, wear parts correct. contact the customer: mr lepez: 06 26 39 28 72

                $6,334 (USD)
                Gellainville, France
              • 2008 Quivogne SCD

                • Manufacturer: Quivogne
                • Working Width: 3.00 m

                virginal depth loader with dowel thrust thrust and three-point attachment for followers or for intermediate construction in front of existing equipment. first set of wear parts (peak 50%). working depth 60cm, fr...

                $3,570 (USD)
                Pritzwalk, Germany
              • 2016 Kubota M6-131DTC-F

                • Manufacturer: Kubota
                • Horse Power: 131.6
                • Hours: 150

                m6131dtc-f 4wd cab 131.6hp 104 pto hp --harvest rental return-- 24 speed intelli-shift transmission, amr8560 f-tire 14.9r24 r1 titan hi trac lug waf, 3rd position lever kit, scd valve w/built in flow control, fro...

                No price
                Tangent, OR, USA
              • 2013 Quivogne SCD 300

                • Manufacturer: Quivogne
                • Model: SCD 300
                • Working Width: 3.00 m

                mx05365 bearing machine 6 tines 3 point attachment for followers

                $7,743 (USD)
                Dannenberg, Germany

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