• Scledum RT 7 Y

    $7,466 - Obernholz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Scledum

    grinding machine for surface grinding of cylinder heads with ample accessories the machine is sold in the existing condition

  • SCLEDUM RUARO RTY Milling Machines

    No price - Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: SCLEDUM RUARO

    milling machines scledum ruaro rty used machine cylinder head plan milling and grinding machine. machine in excellent technical and optical condition. part dismantled, cleaned, geometric checks. ta...

  • 1980 SCLEDUM Ruaro RVF-600 A3153233

    No price - Essen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: SCLEDUM Ruaro

    pot grinding machine for grinding of flywheels / swing bikes / brake writing or aehnlichem.hersteller scledum ruarotyp rvf 600maschine with cooling equipment in good, immediately ready for use acht...

  • MATRA DS200.1

    $3,204 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Matra

    brake drum turning and grinding machine - see pictures cw8vgsttc in addition: brake shoe grinding machine scledum sc 600 see image below the advertisement was translated automatically and some tran...