• Self Made Täyttövaunu

    No price - Pedersöre, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Selfmade

    11 m3 täyttövaunu 5.5 + 5,5m3 containers 3.5 m wide space under the tank in the upper position of the container tarpaulin

  • Self-Made 1 AKSELINEN

    $4,342 - Tervajoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

    alde pystylämmittäjällä, electrified plug from inside, water point hot water tank, fridge, and others. equipment operations not tested

  • Self Made Asf scoop

    $4,142 - Kankaanpää, Finland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

    lavalle running exchange in a neat scoop low 6000cm length 30cm + peak, the flux 6300cm the hydraulic tailgate cargo cover with crank this can leave immediately tasking!

  • Hydraulihalkoja Self Made

    $1,212 - Alavus, Finland Recently Added
    • Self Made Crane Pallets

      $7,594 - Lieto, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

      we produce domestic crane exchanges, trays, aluminum or opportunities on the air, including cranes to trade. alk. 5.500e + vat.

    • Self Made Konelavetti

      $2,449 - Forssa, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

      -7m long konelavetti -luiskaperä -vaijeritartunta

    • Self Made hardox

      $7,943 - Somero, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

      gravel lift hardox 6mm bottom case 4 mm vlhl infectious blue baton ribs hydr.ylätakalaita financing from 125 eur months with no down payment other models also have ..

    • Trailed Self Made Työmaaparakki

      $1,336 - Muurame, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

      towed heavy barracks. it is to say indoors and outdoors. not a new one. but a functional whole. cabinets, shelving and racks inside.

    • Self Made Garage

      $12,426 - Nurmijärvi, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

      removable storage size of 3.3 m x 7.2 m the heat insulation (125 mm wool) thick plywood floor demountable rails lifting lugs electrified sectional door on request also in other colors.

    • Self Made Työmaaparakki

      $11,045 - Nurmijärvi, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

      the insulation on 125 mm welded plastic floor mat demountable chassis traction equipment at both ends the lifting lugs in the corners electrified also, it is possible to hire. inquiries number 040 ...