• Self-Made 1 AKSELINEN

    • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

      alde pystylämmittäjällä, electrified plug from inside, water point hot water tank, fridge, and others. equipment operations not tested

      $3,988 (USD)
      Tervajoki, Finland
    • Self Made hardox

      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

        gravel lift hardox 6mm bottom case 4 mm vlhl infectious blue baton ribs hydr.ylätakalaita financing from 125 eur months with no down payment other models also have ..

        $8,129 (USD)
        Somero, Finland
      • Self Made Garage

        • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

          removable storage size of 3.3 m x 7.2 m the heat insulation (125 mm wool) thick plywood floor demountable rails lifting lugs electrified sectional door on request also in other colors.

          $12,717 (USD)
          Nurmijärvi, Finland
        • Self Made Työmaaparakki

          • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

            the insulation on 125 mm welded plastic floor mat demountable chassis traction equipment at both ends the lifting lugs in the corners electrified also, it is possible to hire. inquiries number 040 707 2960

            $11,304 (USD)
            Nurmijärvi, Finland
          • Self Made hiekkasiilo

            • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

              the sand / concrete silo. capacity approx. 5m3 tilting. includes the vibrating feature. works with the power of power. dolly skids vaijerivedolla. new paint.

              $3,038 (USD)
              Lahti, Finland
            • Self Made Pause Tupa

              • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

                it is nearing the one-room area where the mini-kitchen, wc. skip mode running, lifting lugs 32 of a power supply. painted in a darker gray. transport is possible through us. this has been in my disposal, and foun...

                $5,652 (USD)
                Helsinki, Finland
              • Self Made Hiekkasiilo

                • Manufacturer: Omavalmiste

                  the volume of 4 m3 heating offer discovery funding

                  $1,540 (USD)
                  Mikkeli, Finland
                • Self Made Soralava

                  • Manufacturer: Selfmade
                    $3,458 (USD)
                    Valkeala, Finland
                  • 2015 Self Made PURE

                    • Manufacturer: Selfmade

                      total owner: 1 | registration number: lv15134

                      $13,561 (USD)
                      Joensuu, Finland
                    • 2013 Self Made Garford ROBOCROP

                      • Manufacturer: Selfmade

                        really now automated rikka äes exchange of transport funding is arranged

                        $30,946 (USD)
                        Huittinen, Finland

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