• (selfmade) Fahrsiloentnahmegerät

    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

      neuson dumper with 5 cyl. motor, trioliet extraction device with cutting blade, discharge left elec. operation of the removal device for questions directly contact the customer

      Marthalen, Switzerland
    • (selfmade) potions barrel

      • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

        various pottery drums vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: worbi offer | farm technique | subcategory 3: animal care | subcategory 4: watering place barrel | type of advert: i offer

        No price
        Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland
      • (selfmade) Livestock ALU

        • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

          alu cattle car for 3gve, new tires for questions vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: fenkriedeni offer | road certified vehicles | subcategory 3: dumper | subcategory 4: cattle transport trailer | type of advert:...

          No price
          Fenkrieden, Switzerland
        • (selfmade) Cambridge Frontpacker

          • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

            600 kg, prismaw salts, vollpendelnd, rings 52cm cambridge

            No price
            Mesikon, Switzerland
          • 2017 (selfmade) FARMA 4.6G2 Log loader

            • Manufacturer: Farma

              forestry crane farma 4.6g2 gripper 0.16 + 3to rotator cross lever control occ. headstock

              Appenzell Steinegg, Switzerland
            • (selfmade) Semitrailer for Aebi transporters

              • Manufacturer: Aebi

                very good trailer to a transporter, suitable for aebi with tandem pendulum axle, hydr. brakes if you would like to contact intresse directly

                Cazis, Switzerland
              • 2006 (selfmade) LT 15/540/3 Veneroni diving pump

                • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

                  flushing system, pumping, mobile with za drive, stirring nozzle stainless, flow rate: max. 9200 l / min., lifting height: max. 35 m

                  Buttisholz, Switzerland
                • (selfmade) Landia DG-I 80 Diving chopper pump

                  • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

                    rinsing system, pumped, mobile, electric motor: 5.5 kw, flow rate: max. 140 m³ / h, delivery height: max. 14.5 m

                    Buttisholz, Switzerland
                  • (selfmade) Feed chopper wheel for individual cultivation

                    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

                      kit or finished welded / varnished. attachment to loader / forklift / tractor ideal for 30 or 34 "tires also signs for motormovers

                      No price
                      Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
                    • 2000 (selfmade) Häxelwagen with forward and backward bladder

                      • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

                        combination dosing trolley for forward (blower) and backwards (driving silo), fully-hydraulic drive, 4 dosing rollers, 30 m3, tandem unit with steered axle tires okia, hydraulic brakes, k80 ball suspension, sprin...

                        Landwirtschaftlicher Maschinenbetrieb, Switzerland