• (selfmade) Landia DG-I 80 Rotary pump

    $9,981 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    rinsing system, pumped, mobile, electric motor: 5.5 kw, flow rate: max. 140 m³ / h, delivery height: max. 14.5 m

  • (selfmade) Semitrailer for Aebi transporters

    $6,040 - Cazis, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Aebi

    very good trailer to a transporter, suitable for aebi with tandem pendulum axle, hydr. brakes if you would like to contact intresse directly

  • (selfmade) LP 12/7.5/3 Veneroni diving pump

    $5,871 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    rinsing system, pumping, incl. mounting bracket, flow rate: max. 3600 l / min., lifting height: max. 14 m

  • 2006 (selfmade) LT 15/540/3 Veneroni diving pump

    $8,982 - Buttisholz, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    flushing system, pumping, mobile with za drive, stirring nozzle stainless, flow rate: max. 9200 l / min., lifting height: max. 35 m

  • (selfmade) Round ball pliers

    No price - Triengen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    very compact design, lubricated bearings ball diameter 80cm to 150cm, stacking frame allows the charging and stacking of round bales

  • (selfmade) Livestock ALU

    No price - Fenkrieden, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    alu cattle car for 3gve, new tires for questions vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: fenkriedeni offer | road certified vehicles | subcategory 3: dumper | subcategory 4: cattle transport trailer | ...

  • (selfmade) Hydraulic Excavator "antique"

    No price - Frauenfeld, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    for sale: hydraulic dredger with diesel engine (1 cylinder), running and working. sightseeing possible and welcome please inquire directly with the customer: or

  • (selfmade) G40 Baler Loader UIMA

    No price - Auswil, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Paul

    small ball loader uima g40 with modifications by the owner. boom motor, trailer hitch with changeover possibility on trolley seller: egger paul

  • 2005 (selfmade) 25.50 N Trenchers

    No price - Eschenbach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    digging machine is in good condition vat: netto exkl. en | weight: 600 | subcategory 2: schänisi offer | trenching, drilling, pile driving | type of advert: i offer | operating hours: 100

  • 2015 (selfmade) Lüthi supercharger Overloading car

    No price - Affeltrangen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: (selfmade)

    overloading height 4.5m, 22m3, can bus control (all monitored), ls operation, boggi axis and outside width 3.00m, overloading time approx. 1 minute