• MyData TP9-2 Component Placement System / AUTOMATION VISION

    • Manufacturer: MyData

      mydata tp9-2 component placement systemunit in great shape. sold as-is... i have no idea how to test.we will build a custom pallet for thi ...

      Hubbardston, MA, USA
    • Centex - Trexel SCF Gas Assist System

        • Number of Units: 1

        centex - trexel gas assist system trexel inc. scf system - mucell technology the mucell technology is first generation technology - a compressor and gas injection system designed for both co 2 and n 2 .

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        Wilmington, DE, USA
      • Deionized ( DI ) Water System

            di water system -crreates high purity water on site, 8000 gallon tank -ro 20 gallons/min -conductivity -activated carbon removes particles and impurities -water softener removes metals such as calcium, magnesium....

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            Rochester, NY, USA
          • Thermo NESLAB coolflow Liquid / Liquid Recirculatory System I

            • Manufacturer: Neslab

              thermo neslab coolflow liquid/liquid recirculatory system i - dimension: 18-1/2 x 25 x 14 - bom: 322003041410 - s/n: 101354005

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              Wilmington, DE, USA
            • 5453 5453 Thermo NESLAB System III Liquid/Liquid Heat Exchanger

              • Manufacturer: Neslab

                thermo neslab coolflow liquid/liquid recirculatory system i - dimension: 25-1/2 x 17 x 17 - bom: 327005091601 - model: 5453 - s/n: 103246144

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                Wilmington, DE, USA
              • 7797 PLASMA ETCH PE-200 SYSTEM W/ VAC PUMP, TABLE & MANUAL

                • Manufacturer: International

                  7797 plasma etch pe-200 plasma system w/ vac pump, table & manual model: pe-200 serial: 103002 chamber size: 16" x 32" x 20" volt: 120 amp: 3 ...

                  Minneapolis, MN, USA
                • Specialty Coating Systems PDS-2010 56987

                  • Manufacturer: Specialty Coating Systems
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                    Freehold Township, NJ, USA
                  • Semitool STI ST 280 61699

                    • Manufacturer: Semitool STI

                      tabletop spin rinse dryer. the spin rinse dryer srd is a 25 wafer batch size single chamber tool for cleaning semiconductor wafers. on axis orientation allows water to evenly spray on the wafers. clean, rinse, dr...

                      Freehold Township, NJ, USA
                    • Denton Vacuum Desk II 61706

                      • Manufacturer: Denton Vacuum

                        self-contained cool sputter coater for sem samples. automatic or manual operation. sputter or etch modes. magnetron sputter head. 6-inch dia. chamber. does not come with gold foil target material. built-in vacuum...

                        Freehold Township, NJ, USA
                      • Edwards Auto 500 61707

                        • Manufacturer: Edwards

                          deposition system with low temp organic source and resistive evaporation. front loading thin film deposition system for research and development or pre-production. system has a total of three evaporation sources,...

                          Freehold Township, NJ, USA