• 2006 Mitsubishi FD150A

    • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
    • Model: FD150A

      fd150a mitsubishi 2006 large-capacity carts with a capacity of 150 and a lift height of 4,000 mm. full cabin, front headlights, flashing, buzzer

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      Suzzara, Italy
    • 2012 IVECO STRALIS 500 CUBE

      • Manufacturer: Iveco

        astro tronic change with intarder, pianal, spoiler in double, double aluminum tank, pneumatic sez 385 front brand michelin road tractor units

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        Monte Sant'Angelo, Italy
      • 1998 Borco-Höhns E 8000

        • Manufacturer: Borco-Höhns

          multi-purpose borco-höhns sale of automotive textiles such as sales promotion work! well equipped. bi-directional opening sales to the car, where you can find 8 m long sales counter, which can be extended out for...

          Harjavalta, Finland
        • Building equipment

              lot 6 4 m fir spruce, 4 m spruce 50x60, mixed wood beams and mixed lengths, brick architraves, 4m x 4m green nylon yarns, sheaths, security ropes alestyr xps insulation panels sp 80 mm 1.25x0.6 m; poliso plus ins...

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              Faenza, Italy