• SHI Group Limited LZG(B)600 Finishing Machines For Plane And Spherical Surfaces

    $6,990 - Shanghai, China
    • Manufacturer: SHI Group Limited
    • Weight: 1180

    finishing machines for plane and spherical surfaces shi group limited lzg(b)600 new machine finishing machine with cover model:lzg(b)600 total volume(l):6600 max overall dimension a(mm):1860 motor ...

  • 2016 SHI Group Limited LZG200B Vibration finishing machine

    $4,044 - Shanghai, China Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: SHI Group Limited

    model:lzg(b)200 total volume(l):200 max overall dimension a(mm):1200 motor installation tube Φb(mm):530 process bowl width Φc(mm):252 unload width d(mm): 250 machine height h1(mm):850 unload height...

  • 2015 SHI Group Limited agm abrasive grinding materials

    No price - Shanghai, China
    • Manufacturer: SHI Group Limited

    we offer you a wide range of abrasive grinding materials for trowal grinders - finishing machines. please ask us for the type you need to make you a competitive offer egff2f770bs