• Silage cutter "Fela" TU145

        silage cutter "fela" tu145, kosa - hydraulic drive (actuators) 1998r

        Stargard, Poland
      • Silage cutter "Fela" SB135

            silage cutter "fela" sb135, chain knife

            Stargard, Poland
          • 2000 Buchmann Express silage cutters

            • Manufacturer: Buchmann

              for sale silo forage harvester, engine defective, incl. pipe for questions please contact the owner directly at

              No price
              Mogelsberg, Switzerland
            • 2007 Triolite silage cutter TU 170 with top roller

              • Manufacturer: Trioliet

                stock number 127 country: netherlands | vat / margin: vat | quoted price is: 0

                No price
                Burgerbrug, Netherlands
              • BvLengerich NEW BvLengerich silage cutter Topstar 170 DW

                • Manufacturer: VAT

                  new from stock country: netherlands | vat / margin: vat

                  No price
                  Burgerbrug, Netherlands
                • IBR 33 HOS silage cutters

                  • Manufacturer: IBR

                    very good condition, revised with new knives and cutting frames 4-blade, grinding machine, corn pan, power take-off

                    Wintersingen, Switzerland
                  • Agrar Epple Blasius 933 silage cutters

                    • Manufacturer: Agrar

                      agricultural silo forage harvesters with 2 knives & integrated grinding device electric motor 15kw / 20.4ps machine revised & in top condition

                      Giswil, Switzerland
                    • Cashel Bale Cutter & Film Catcher

                          the patented bale cutter & film catcher from cashels has been designed to increase the productivity of handling and feeding round baled silage to livestock when mounted on tractors and farm loaders. mature silage...

                          No price
                          Galway, Ireland
                        • Tanco I70 Ball Cutter

                          • Manufacturer: Tanco

                            tanco bale cutting tongs i70 recording euro 8 foil clamping system

                            Tscherlach, Switzerland
                          • 2003 New Holland BR740

                            • Manufacturer: New Holland
                            • Model: BR740

                              new holland br740 crop cutter, silage, twine/net, extra sweep pick-up, bale command, field ready, thru shop

                              Perryopolis, PA, USA