• 2015 Acma 4000 brazos plegable Rake

    No price - Huesca, Spain
    • Manufacturer: Acma

    rake rotary group hilerador comer 11 arms. folding arms for transport system for filming tandem hydraulic sitema on and off the rotor

  • 2010 EP RS 60 downstroke press

    No price - Oberlungwitz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: EP

    prеssing force max. 600kn, tear-on stössel 80kn, toschgrösse (werkezugspannfläche) 1750x1200mm, tie bars width 1480x1280mm, clear installation opening 1500mm, ram stroke max. 1050mm, height 400-...

  • 2001 Sitema cutter Packing machine

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Sitema

    cutter for polyethylene computerized cutting fall from the top sheet structure by insertion into the assembly line or packaging

  • SITEMA complet with roller Bridge unloader

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: SITEMA

    bridge unloader sistema complete with roller from 3000 x 1100 mm.

  • 2007 Top jet sitema nastratrice e stampante Packing machines

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Top jet sitema

    line closure and taping boxes next step in labeling also works at bar code

  • 1972 Mueller CEZ 100.22.6 Hydraulic drawing press

    No price - Baar, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    ram pressure: 100 tons of pressure control range: 15 - 100 tonnes ram speed: down: 560 mm / 2.9 sec plunger speed: up: 560 mm / 2.4 sec throat: 360 mm slide stroke: 560 mm mounting height: 800 mm r...