No price - North Branford, CT
    • Manufacturer: .................. SMIPACK; Italy

    machine# 12604 specifications: manufacturer: .................. smipack; italy year of manufacture: ........... 2008 inlet coil size diameter: ...... 6mm (1/4") maximum coil size diameter: .... 2...

  • Smipack S870

    $5,226 - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    smipack s 870. la macchina e in buono stato come da foto. la macchina è disponibile a qualsiai prova e verifica.

  • 2011 Smipack BP800AS

    $9,396 - France
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    2011 bp800as fardeleuse smipack good condition. date of 2011. bundler online automatic, with monoblock structure and sealing bar use of the machine * the main feature of the new series of semi-auto...

  • 2000 Smipack S870

    $5,853 - Ireland
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    smipack s870 l-seal chamber machine sealing area is 870mm x 620mm 3 phase power quality shrink, output and efficiency. the largest all in one hooded shrink packaging system.

  • 2010 Smipack S870

    $3,344 - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    packaging bell brand smipack mod. s870 power 380 volts 2010 sealing bar 560 x 430 mm maximum pack height 260 mm maximum reel size 600 Ø 300

  • 2011 Smipack FP560

    $2,822 - France
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    filmeuse l smipack fp560 in a perfect state. date of 2011. 220v. the benefits of l-sealer manual fp 560 electromagnet double bell restraint, which minimizes the pressure of the welding arm of the p...

  • 2004 Smipack S870A & T650

    $9,929 - Ireland
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    smipack fp870a l sealer & t650 heat tunnel in excellent condition, sealing bar is 870mm x 620mm, semi automatic or automatic mode will run on polyolifin, pvc and polythene film. power is 3 phase se...

  • Smipack FP870

    No price - Ireland
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    smipack fp870 lsealer and t650 detatchable heat tunnel. this machine is in excellent condition, the operator slides the product into the film, the cutting arm comes down over product inside film, s...

  • 2002 Smipack HA35 DX

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    handle: die-cut cardboard, handle pre-applied adhesive tape year built: 2002 maximum speed: up to 35 handles / minute revision: total warranty: 12 months delivery time: 30 days from order confirmat...

  • 2006 Smipack T450

    No price - Spain
    • Manufacturer: Smipack

    the retractable tunnel smipack is characterized by its versatility in use. the t450 series, depending on the model shown specifically suited for making in different formats: bottles, cans, boxes, t...