• Sol NYHET Juni 2012

    $15,483 - Rogaland, Norway

      test project 200 square housing in stavanger with log 2011, operating now with old technology (click on the lines below see consumption 6m2 solar panel + pump) new: builds mini-power plants for...

    • Sol 24 kvadrat solfanger EcoWee Eldhus

      $19,354 - Rogaland, Norway

        inox wee carwash on october 9 will warm up buildings. 24 square vacuum collector = 12 kw when full sun. sun energy is stored in 800 liter + 400 liter yard heat (+ 4,000 liter tank hybrid sol - grou...

      • 2010 Promodis sol 3m Rotary harrow

        $3,217 - Bon-Encontre, France
        • Manufacturer: Promodis

        rotor harrow promodis soil 3m roller packer bar grader without seed drill

      • Forklift omg tight spaces sol 5400 mm

        $3,417 - Ciserano, Italy
        • Manufacturer: OMG

        omg retrattile year 2001 capacity 1300 kg max lift 5400 mm charger zapi plant electron energy reupero 3937513493 also contacts on whatsapp

      • 1,4D-4D Sol Toyota Auris Blue

        $1,602 - Sardinia, Italy
        • Manufacturer: Toyota

        buy beautiful toyota auris 1,4d-4d diesel 90 horses kept maniacally (like new) always washed by hand (never gone under the rollers) always kept in private garages and tagli10.000 every 83840km comp...

      • sol 4 kvadrat SOLFANGER med isolert vedovn

        $8,562 - Rogaland, Norway

          sample project for example svømebaseng garden mm. 4 m2 vacuum sun collectors + 25kw at oven isolated which provides all the heat to water house or svømebaseng. using a titanium heat exchanger. hous...

        • Toyota Yaris Verso 1.4 D-4D Tdi cat Sol '03

          $3,738 - Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

          toyota yaris verso 1.4 d-4d tdi cat sol 03 vehicle features vehicle type: used mileage: 222,500 body: transporter fuel: diesel exterior color: metallic gray interior color: gray interior: cloth pow...

        • 2011 Bavaria-Camp Sol y Sombra Panel van

          $48,169 - Lamstedt, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Bavaria-Camp

          abs, air conditioning, bathroom, central locking power: 88 kw (120 hp) | colour: red | mileage: 46.588 km | fuel type: diesel | total width: 205 cm | gearing type: mechanical | total height: 266 cm...

        • Sol 1000 watt 2m2 VAKUUM RØR solfanger med reflektor

          $821 - Rogaland, Norway

            link to wee plants in operation 6m2 collector, data present system and log houses in stavanger. system and sign another house in operation. vacuum tubes are 40% requested a traditional solar co...

          • Sol Vakumrør 30 stk 2 meter x 252 cm bredde

            $1,994 - Rogaland, Norway

              vacuum tubes are 40% requested a traditional solar collector! these vacuum solar collector is the best on the market swedish test, must be mounted on the frame of the picture or wall. can not be mo...