• Sottoriva Spiral mixer

    No price - Chelmsford, United Kingdom

      80kgs spiral mixer, guarded, variable speed, forward/reverse, timer settings

    • Sottoriva Sprint 80

      $4,264 - United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Sottoriva

      function: spiral mixer 80kgs spiral mixer, guarded, variable speed, forward/reverse, timer settings

    • 2008 Sottoriva A medida

      $23,776 - Spain
      • Manufacturer: Strom

      bucket by a system collects and maintains the mass in a overtravel for recuperation, utilizing the space by vertical and horizontal runs inside the machine. it is prepared to go halfway by an adjus...

    • 2007 Sottoriva SA 120

      $23,776 - Russia
      • Manufacturer: Sottoriva

      new, 2 bowl included. state: like new | status: dismantled

    • 2008 Sottoriva Athena 5

      $28,467 - Spain
      • Manufacturer: Strom

      bola porcinadora sottoriva athena 5. designed for bread doughs and pizza. in each cycle can produce 5 balls reaching 9000 pieces per hour. ball weight: between 30-130 grams weight piston available ...

    • 2008 Sottoriva A medida

      $5,864 - Spain
      • Manufacturer: Strom

      ideal for factories bread or pizzas. collect the dough turned hod of the mixer and cut into smaller portions so that they can enter the portioning dividers or bolas. it is supplied without the supp...

    • 2005 Sottoriva Brio

      $52,776 - Italy
      • Manufacturer: Sottoriva

      sottoriva group model: brio year 2005 very good condition bertuetti model 251 group kneading farinelli 80kg double-speed reverse mixing tub schio removable bowl with double tank and tipper 100kg fl...

    • Sottoriva HI LINE

      $16,632 - Italy
      • Manufacturer: Strom

      this is the most complete line for bread. this is the line that can produce the widest range of bread such as finger rolls, hot dogs, hamburgers, kaiser, rosetta, all kinds of stamped bread with or...

    • Sotorriva ATHENA 6 PLUS

      $52,776 - Spain
      • Manufacturer: Sotorriva

      divider rounder athena plus micronic sottoriva bread brand, 30 to 130 grams. tape 6 outputs it produced from 6000 to 15000 pieces / hour reviewed


      No price - Melbourne, Australia
      • Manufacturer: SOTTORIVA
      • Capacity: 120kg

      video link from sottoriva: video link showing lift and tilt: video link showing two speed: machine made up of a twist model spiral mixer and prisma tilting hydraulic device. the two-speed spiral...