• Belos XB150

    $3,315 - Viborg, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Belos

    new xb150 x-plow for belos. skråplov: yes | spidsplov: yes | width in m: 15 | is for sale: on sale now | condition_info: as new

  • Nesbo PS1750

    $7,058 - Aalborg, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Nesbo

    kombi plough. 2 hydraulic shift cylinders with electric valve, rubber inserts, spring relief and light.

  • Mammen MP3500 COMBI

    $9,717 - Viborg, Denmark

      new mammen mp3500 combi snowplow with oblique and spidsplov, 10 deluxe folding inserts, 113cm blade height and light.

    • 2004 Tellefsdal kombi plov. model HK

      No price - Hong, Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Tellefsdal

      3 meters wide spidsplov / skråplov. with mounted edges. very stout, norwegian model. more pictures can be sent by mail.