• Stegherr Window Machine (Used)

    $12,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    the stegherr ksf closed halving joint machine for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints. all 90� closed halving joints can be made quickly and accurately already profiled bar...

  • Stegherr BBF CNC Window Shape and Bore

    $16,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    northeast us stegherr bff cnc   this machine is equiped with 4 hsd spindles with quick change iso30 toolholders. there are 2 horizontal units and 2 vertical units.  all are indepoendently controlle...

  • Stegherr KF-2 Cut and Counter-Rotational Cope Shash parts Machine

    $7,800 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    northeast us stegherr kf-2  coping machine/cut off saw   this machine will cut your sash parts to length as well as coping the parts you've cut.  after cutting to length the parts are coped with li...

  • 1992 Stegherr FD Dowel boring machine # 10696

    No price - Wiefelstede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr
    • Model: FD

    drilling machine, dübelbohrautomat, drilling and dowel station-efficient anchoring of mullion and wood, doors and shoot elements 10x drilling patterns adjustable drive 2.2 kw 2x digital displays w...

  • Closed Halving Joint Cutte Stegherr KSF

    No price - Barntrup, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    kreuzsprossenfräse stegherr type: ksf zum fräsen von kreuzsprossenverbindungen für fenster, türen und möbel 3 fräsaggregate je ein oberes und unteres fräsaggregat fräsen im gleichlauf die beiden ...

  • 1995 STEGHERR KSF/2E4 CNC Kreuzsprossenfräsautomat

    $3,864 - Vahlbruch, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    "stеgherr cnc kreuzsprossenfräsautomat with 3 times the coating magazine ksf ear 1995, 3.3 kw, 6 bar, with automatic workpiece feeding from 3 buffer tracks"

  • 1993 Stegherr FDE

    No price - Petershagen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    control: program | work bays: 3 | work stations: 3 | drilling hight: 80 | beleimwerkzeuge: no | dovel insertion: no | axis control for: x y z | drilling engine kw: 1.3 | pneumatic clamping: yes | ...

  • Stegherr panel transportation cart

    $842 - Gerolzhofen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    used manufactured by stegherr vertical - horizontal reversible length ca.  1600 mm width ca. 1600 mm required space ca. l x w x h mm 2000 x 900 x 2000 located in 97447 gerolzhofen sale in current ...

  • Stegherr edge strip press

    $693 - Gerolzhofen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Edge

    used manufactured by stegherr single-sided from bottom crosshead of a press 1 x preheating unit with downholder heating rails 2 piece working length 2500 mm pneumatic moveable required space ca. l ...

  • 1988 Stegherr KSF Mini Cross Rotary shaper # 14228

    No price - Wiefelstede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Stegherr

    cross halving joint cutter, cross tion milling machine,  -drive 2.2kw footswitch  -pneumatic workholding  -dimensions 700/600 h1350 mm  weight 186 kg