• 2017 Strängluftare TE 225

    $5,655 - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Strängluftare

    ysta hay rower te lifts the material is placed in a fluffy and regular swath allowing drying time is reduced, nutrient losses are reduced and provides a feed free from sand, soil and stone. damp s...

  • Strängluftare, Fransgård SV-250

    No price - Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Strängluftare

    a powerful rotor with 80cm diameter and numerous pick-up sticks (72st) with 19 cm space between the stud rows enables driving in heavy strings. the rotor works with a speed of 230varv / minute. c...


    $7,804 - Falköping, Sweden Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fransgård

    country: sweden