• Muu Merkki 250 Suurteholinko+nivelak

    $3,785 - Jyväskylä, Finland

      pto shaft this condition-extractor and start the most congested roads to open! the working width of 2,5m. according to the cardan shaft.

    • Suurteholinko

      $1,303 - Alajärvi, Finland

        good condition thrower! power shuttle bearings and condition, width 2,5m, the blades ok. ebox painted with primer, topcoat urethane. snow slides well!

      • Suurteholinko

        No price - Ylöjärvi, Finland Recently Added

          discarded tractor suurteholinko, manufactured pirilä, max. 1984

        • SNOW THROWER HIGH POWER Specialist

          $1,571 - Pielavesi, Finland Recently Added

            all driving conditions suurteholinko hydraulic slice of the transfer screw. not much of a distressing amount of snow or damp goods.