• SVG 8826-8836 60931

    $10,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG

    88 series photoresist coater. single track photoresist coater, two elevators, two robots, one spinner and one hot plate. sold as parts missing one robot.

  • SVG Brush Cleaner 55584

    $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG

    double sided brush cleaner with some missing parts. parts machine. call for more photos.

  • SVG Rite Track 8826-28-36 60930

    $35,000 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG Rite Track

    88 series dual track photoresist coater and developer. fully automated system designed to uniformly coat wafers. configuration - track 1: elevator, robot, spinner, robot, hot plate, robot, elevator...

  • SVG Site Services 8632CTD/8636HPO 41192

    $21,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG Site Services

    developer-exposure track. single track developer configured with 2 elevators, one spinner and one bake. system has an oai 0130-042-20 deep uv. 220 nanometer exposure tower capable of up to 2000w. c...

  • SVG Site Services 8632CTD/8636HPO 41199

    $12,500 - Freehold Township, NJ
    • Manufacturer: SVG Site Services

    developer. single track developer configured with 2 elevators, 1 spinner and 1 bake. currently configured for 4 in. wafers.

  • AIO Duna 700 8" Square Wafer MEMs Photoresist SVG 8x Track

    $30,000 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: AIO

    aio duna 700 8"square wafer mems photoresist svg 8x track coater w netrack very little use and in excellent condition

  • A&B PROCESS Production Equipment - Misc. - Additional Production Equipment

    $95,000 - Morris, MN
    • Manufacturer: A&B PROCESS

    distillation column, tray type: 29 stainless steel 304 shell/trays. mawp fv/15 at 350f. size is approx 90 in id x 48ft-3in s/s. sits on skirt for 55ft-5in oah. model bs-420, s/n 90359603, sulzer sv...

  • 2005 Thaler 345A court loader

    $21,760 - Seelandtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Thaler

    wide tires 31x15.50-15, width 1,40m, fobs robs bracket, 110kg rear weight, thaler admission, without svg

  • 2005 John Deere 3720

    $15,826 - Seelandtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: 3720

    rear wheels galaxy 41 / 18llx16.1 / front wheels from service, without mower, without svg

  • 2014 John Deere XUV 855D S4 Gator XUV855D Robert Aebi Landtechnik AG

    $18,298 - Robert Aebi Landtechnik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: XUV 855D S4

    location / localization: robert aebi landtechnik ag regensdorf steel wheels with terrahawk at standardsitze homologation rate windscreen with windshield wiper half-doors plastic roof pulling device...