• 1981 Taisei GRI-2000 Internal Grinder

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Taisei

    20"chuck diameter of hole to be ground: 50~700mm max. length of hole ground:1200mm max. length of work: 2000mm height from table top to centerline of work over table: 400mm max. swing over table:80...

  • Taisei - Forming Roll

    No price - Bangkok, Thailand
    • Manufacturer: Taisei

    - country: thailand | division: sheet metal machinery | machine name: forming roll | request code: 4-52-007

  • 1998 Taisei machine VRG-60M2-PC6

    No price - Yokkaichi, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Taisei machine

    f-18t grinding can outer diameter: 450 grinding can work height: 350 swing over table: 500 maximum workpiece weight: 100kgf wheels dimensions: max250 grindstone shaft rotation number no.1: 4000~120...