• 2000 Taiyo Koki IGV-1NI CNC Internal Grinder

    No price - Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Taiyo Koki

    vertical type fanuc 18i-t,grinding hole diameter:φ7〜90 grinding outer diameter:φ100 spindle swing:φ180

  • Taiyo Koki (Mori Seiki) NVG-5T Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Universal

    No price - Langen bei Bregenz, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Mori seiki
    • Weight: 12,5 t

    this is a very flexible multi process grinding machine, which can grind e.g. plate-shaped workpieces of even very difficult high-quality materials such as titanium-zirconium-molybdenum or molybdenu...

  • 1991 Taiyo Koki IGV-7N Vertical CNC Universal Grinder with ID & OD Grinding Spindles

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Taiyo Koki

    fanuc-0g working hole dia:45~750mm working od:750mm 12000rpm t:φ600mm spindle:200rpm x:1000mm z:500mm bt50 atc-9

  • 2009 Taiyo Koki NVG-5CT Vertical grinding machine

    No price - Neumünster, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fanuc
    • Weight: 500 kg

    this machine has a round table diameter of 500 mm use the hole, outside and surface grinding control: fanuc 32i workspace internal grinding diameter range 30-450 mm diameter range of external grind...

  • 2000 Taiyo Koki IGV-5NT

    No price - Yokkaichi, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Taiyo Koki

    fanuc18i-t grinding can hole diameter: (φ24) ~φ450 grinding can outer diameter: maxφ500 grinding can length: 250 the main axis of the swing: φ550 internal research wheel spindle rotation speed: 6,0...