• Farmex Transport Tank 440 L uuusi the used telikärry

    $1,948 - Kortesjärvi, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Farmex

    easy to use farmex 440l plastic tank fuel oil. ( new ) lightweight and easy to move around to fill up. high-quality battery piusi pump equipment automatic pistol. less than 450l tank is allowed on ...


    $966 - Espoo, Finland

      novelty! finman 2000 atv or the machine after the kippaavatelikärry! this is expected! now it is for sale order now yours! exclusive sales only modularbox oy 040-553 2428 scoop made of 1,5 mm stron...

    • Patu 1800

      $7,684 - Finland
      • Manufacturer: Patu

      hydr. support legs, rotating around the rotator, 7t telikärry, hydraulic trim tabs. aisakääntö, serviced, fine! hydr. support leg, runtomsvängande rotator, 7t boggievagn, hydraulic trim tabs. bomsv...

    • Patu 575

      $9,911 - Finland
      • Manufacturer: Patu

      hydr. the support legs, two-lever control, rotating around the rotator, 8t telikärry, hydr. aisakääntö, wide tires, serviced fine! hydr. support leg, 2-spak controlling, runtomsvängande rotator, 8t...

    • Kipa 130

      $7,237 - Kempele, Finland
      • Manufacturer: Kipa

      kipa 130 telikärry! - wooden cereals sides - 16m3 volume hp. 6500, - incl. alv24%

    • 1984 Hakki Souvari 1600

      $4,119 - Kalajoki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Hakki

      proper forest trailer firewood to get busy. hakki 1600 kuormain. telikärry. 4pcs bunks. heavy-duty front edge. accessibility see other equipment

    • 1998 Kronos 250

      $6,569 - Ilmajoki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kronos

      forest track combinations kronos, max. 98, around the rotary grapple, twin lever steering, hydraulic outriggers, telikärry, head rack, 2 pankkaparia, jatkokarikat, hydraulic nivelaisa, hp.5900 € in...

    • 2004 Cartridge 762

      $8,626 - Seinäjoki, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Patruuna

      the cartridge 672 metsäkuormain 6,2m dimension of the trolley pedestrian but also possible to take the lifting device, a control lever, the support legs, jaw, jusmara telikärry adjustable load spac...

    • Tuhti 12tn teliperävaunu

      $4,819 - Lahti, Finland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Tuhti

      the original color of the gray telikärry load capacity 12tn. ringing 14.0 / 65-16. tires intact. figure right side of the relatively fresh ring, on the left side a little more wear. 2-piece side pa...

    • Vreten 6540-10t

      $17,949 - Finland
      • Manufacturer: Vreten

      hydr. outriggers, hydr. the secondary boom, hydr. winch, two-lever control (reindeer horn), hydr. tiller steering, telikärry 10t, 400 / 60-15.5 tires vetokuvioiset, risupellit, 6,5m ulottovuus, the...