• CTM tempering oven

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      in very good condition 380v operation


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        oven used to muffle electric hardening is indicated for the thermal treatment of metals such as hardening, carburizing, annealing, normalizing and tempering; italian-built, it has the following fea...


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          furnace line in pozzo in a controlled atmosphere composed of: -microwave well model 573 size useful load Ø 500 mm h x 800 mm (loads up to 200 kg gross) maximum temperature: 950 ° c heating power: 4...

        • 600 liters Electric oven 250 ° C - NEW

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            --for notice 2017 isi inail with financing 65% bottom lost offer: oven electric industrial ventilated sermac; 600 liters; 240 ° c; cdtm type 600 - - construction: sermac bergamo  great for dehydrog...

          • Oven for tempering metals brand Consider

            No price - Manzano, Italy
            • Manufacturer: Consider

            oven for tempering metals brand consider

          • electric oven ILES

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              horizontal chamber furnace, suitable for tempering treatments, cementation, carbonitriding, annealing, normalizing. they reach a maximum temperature of 1100 ° c and are suitable for workshops, scho...

            • Heraeus RL 320 tempering furnace

              No price - Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Heraeus

              heraeus event oven type rl 320 . 3501 power rating of 4,5 kw voltage 380 v 7 amp. maximum temperature 650 c. heat transfer: convection commercial room dimensions: d = 320 mm depth 450 mm externa...

            • C.H.Evensen u Continuous tempering, drying oven

              No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
              • Manufacturer: C.H.Evensen

              internal dimensions (w x h x l): approx. 900 x 1500 x 10000 mm external dimensions: (w x h x l): approx. 1.800 x 2700 x 13000 mm working temperature: 200°c - 500°c heating power: approx. 100 kw co...

            • Electric oven for temperign

              No price - Faenza, Italy

                lot 21 electric furnace for quenching and tempering.

              • 2016 Reinhardt GLDT 99/IG-TNV/WR Convection oven, tempering oven, TVN

                No price - Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
                • Manufacturer: Reinhardt

                typе gldt 99 / ig-tnv / wr indirectly gas heated with heating and ventilation equipment on the ceiling with double-sided jet ventilation with a thermal oxidiser (tnv) incl. heat exchanger for heat ...