• Tensol Tensol SA TEWE Langbank folding folding machine

    $10,970 - Güntersleben, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tensol

    langbank folding 6 m hydraulically ordinary state turns with adjustable number of degrees or manuel controlled in the short term with free loading to make rolling scissors manually decent used cond...

  • Tensol TEWE 8.10 Folding machine press

    $16,717 - Güntersleben, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tensol TEWE 8 10

    tensol 8m length of bending sheet metal up to 1 mm thickness in iron - aluminum more comes from steve and cheap offered reasons of space bends with rolling scissors hydraulic opening and closing hy...

  • Tensol / Hego Umcoilanlage

    No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tensol / Hego

    working width: 1,250 mm power range: sheet steel 400 n / mm: 1.25 mm (1.50 mm) to 6. liquidators with trailer directive, longitudinal and qürteileinheit fly shear upcoiler hydraulic tipper collar ...