• 1975 Terrot S 1108 E24/26 Circular knitting machine

    • Manufacturer: Terrot

      circular knitting machine terrot s 1108 e24/26 used machine e24/26\"/108 feeds, single jersey, 4 channel, lining oiler, mpf-memory-fournisseure, sidecreel, circle-fan; ready for operation

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      North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • DIVERSE Circular knitting machines

      • Manufacturer: DIVERSE

        complete knitting plant consisitng of: 31 mayer & cie circular knitting machines 10 terrot circular knitting machines 8 albi circular knitting machines 1 vollenweider tandem-shearing machine gauges e18 / e20 / e2...

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        Schüttorf, Germany
      • weaving Knitting machines

        • Manufacturer: Terrot(Germany)

          knitting machines weaving used machine knitting machines total: 52 machines the number of 40feet containers: 15 make: terrot(germany) sulzer morat(germany) textima(germany) fukuhara(japan) okuma(japan) falmac(sin...

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          South Korea

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