• Theegarten H1 cut wrapp

    $45,000 - Málaga, Spain

      theegarten h1 cut & wrapp viena style but can be changed to fold , 1200 pieces per minute of performance , for soft candy and bubble gum , good condition , euros 45.000 ….

    • Theegarten U1 cut & fold wrapper

      $75,000 - Andalusia, Spain

        theegarten u1 cut & fold wrapping machine , 1000 pieces minute of performance , machine it´s incomplete and needs overhaul , price just now as is euros 30.000 then after overhaul for running condit...

      • Rose Theegarten FWT cut & bazooka

        $15,000 - Málaga, Spain

          rose theegarten fwt cut & bazooka style wrapper  , for bubble gum with tatto inside  format sized , 500 pieces per minute , euros 15.000

        • Theegarten ZE candy rope sizer

          $4,000 - Málaga, Spain

            theegarten ze rope sizer, for soft and hard candy, two rolls, it is valid as pre-rope sizer also, price eur 4.000 ex works….

          • Theegarten Pactec EKE Foil Bunch Wrapper

            No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

              theegarten pactec eke high-performance wrapping machine for chocolate eggs wrapped in foil bunch. set for 3 sizes – 24mm and 18mm ball, and 24mm high x 16mm dia egg.

            • 1996 Pactec Theegarten EL3 Single Twist

              No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

                pactec theegarten el3 single twist wrapping machine for hard candies, it comes with its own integrated sorting station.

              • THEEGARTEN OLYMPIA A3

                No price - Crécy-la-Chapelle, France Recently Added
                • Manufacturer: THEEGARTEN

                double twist equipment 2 trays

              • Theegarten H1 Cut and Wrap

                No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

                  we have a number of theegarten h1 is a high speed cut and wrap machine in stock, for wrapping soft candy, toffee, chew, and gum, they are designed for fold wrapping. the h1 machine simultaneously c...

                • Theegarten U1 bubble gum cut and wrapper

                  $133,000 - Andalusia, Spain

                    theegarten u1 fold cut and wrapping machine for bubble gum, year of manufacture 2.000, speed up to 1.600 pieces per minute, good condition. price euro 133.000 ex works.we are overhauling it .

                  • 2 Theegarten H1 cut & fold wrappers

                    $24,000 - Andalusia, Spain

                      2 theegartem model h1 high speed cut & fold wrapping machines for hard candy and bubble gum , 1200 pieces minute , condition completes , priced euros 24.000 each .