• Perkin Elmer Optima ICP 3300 DV with Thermo Neslab Merlin M150 Cooler, PE AS90/91 Controller, PE AS-91 Autosampler and PE Peristaltic Pump

    $9,500 - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    perkin elmer optima 3300dv p/n: n069-0027  s/n: 069n812220thermo electron neslab merlin m150 bom#: 266116040000  s/n: 104294015 perkin elmer controller as90/as9id: b0507910  s/n: 3947 perkin elmer ...

  • Thermo Neslab CC-100 Chiller

    No price - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    specifications: temperature range   -90°c to -25°c temperature stability  +/- 0.5°c cooling capacity:  80 watts at -70°c/ 60 watts at -70°c

  • Thermo Scientific Neslab Merlin-M25 Chiller

    $1,950 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    this thermo neslab m25 low temperature recirculating chiller is in excellent condition. for more info view: thermo scientific neslab merlin-m25 chiller full specifications temperature range (me...

  • Thermo Scientific Neslab EX7 Heating Bath Circulator

    $850 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

    the thermo scientific neslab ex-7 (ex series) 7 liter heating baths offer great value for either external circulation or in-bath applications: ·simple to use controls available with the digital o...

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ Orbitrap with LTQ XL Mass Spectrometer S/N 10XX B with Neslab Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller

    No price - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific

    thermo fisher scientific ltq orbitrap thermo fisher scientific ltq xl mass spectrometer gpi series 2000 power conditioners – powervar neslab thermoflex 900 recirculating chiller pump perform a rang...

  • Neslab CFT-25 Refrigerated Recirculator

    $1,400 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    the thermo neslab cft-25 refrigerated recirculator is a cfc-free refrigeration system to provide the ultimate solution to the earth's ozone problem. the cft-25's refrigeration system utilizes a her...

  • Thermo Electron Neslab Thermoflex 900 Circulating Chiller

    No price - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    thermo electron neslab thermoflex 900 circulating chiller   thermo neslab thermoflex 900 recirculating chiller. temperature range 5 c to 40 c with +/- 0.1c stability.   set point cooling capac...

  • Thermo Neslab Digital One RTE-7 Refrigerated Recirculating Chiller RTE7

    $750 - Gilroy, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    this thermo neslab digital one rte-7 recirculating chiller looks to be in pretty rough cosmetic condition (please see photos above for detail), but it seems to be working fine. i filled it with wat...

  • Thermo Scientific Neslab Thermoflex 7500 Recirculating Chiller

    $5,000 - Gilroy, CA
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    this thermo fisher cientific neslab thermoflex 7500 recirculating chiller is in good cosmetic condition with little to no signs of prior use and wear. however, i lack the knowledge or equipmen...

  • Thermo Neslab Merlin M 33 Cryostat

    $1,545 - Pliening, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Neslab

    range of temperature -15 -+35 celsius cooling agent r 134° cooling capacity 1142 w constancy of temperatture +/- 0,1 celsius capacity of pump 11,4 l/min