• 2001 Thieme 3000 SR

    No price - Bavaria, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Thieme

    machine was used for big format printing. tunnel for dryer and machine are one unit for sale. currently the machine is off from power, it was used to work until we cut off the power. p3rq9n buyer t...

  • 1992 Thieme 3000 SL

    No price - Bavaria, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Thieme

    machine is part of insolvency of printer shop. technical details please get from images. machine is seperated from the additional peripherie. no power connection right now. 7sfvhb7g9 machine have u...

  • 1997 Thieme 5SOCS

    $1,024 - Upper Normandy, France
    • Manufacturer: Thieme

    match a3 fault transport wheel numinterne: o97200048796 wheel control: yes

  • 1995 Thiémé 3 fers Plough

    $1,558 - Gonsans, France
    • Manufacturer: Thiémé

    type: mounted | security: tension bolt | condition info: average condition | number of bodies: 3 body

  • Squeegee Cutting Machine Model THIEME TSC 170-S #16D016

    $7,683 - Bünde, Germany

      squeegee cutting machine model thieme tsc 170-s with motor movable cutting head on linear slideways, with automatic clamping system, digital adjustable cutting way, parallel height adjustment...

    • Squeegee Cutting Machine, Model THIEME TSC 130 #15D006

      $8,351 - Bünde, Germany

        squeegee cutting machine, model thieme tsc 130 with motor-movable cutting head on linear guides, automatic clamping system, adjustable cutting way, parallel guided height adjustment with...

      • 1992 Thiémé TARRA CS 9 CORPS

        $4,231 - Vouziers, France
        • Manufacturer: Thiémé

        wheel of gauge trolley type: cart | state: used - good condition | security: bolt | equipment: transport wheel | approximate year: yes | number of bodies: 9 bodies

      • 1998 Thiémé 8 corps chariot C6

        No price - Landévant, France
        • Manufacturer: Thiémé

        plow 8 body type: cart | state: some wear parts to replace | security: mechanically triggered | number of bodies: 8

      • 2002 Thieme A4 PLUS

        $4,342 - Wargnies-le-Grand, France
        • Manufacturer: Thieme

        14 to 18 inches automatic realignment gauge wheel (5 + 1)

      • Aluminium Squeegee Holder for RKS Blades #11B025

        $2,115 - Bünde, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Holder

        aluminium squeegee holder for rks blades with pneumatic clamping, suitable for 30mm and 40mm squeegee bars (thieme / svecia / sps), completely with 10pcs. holding clamps. available...