• 2015 TMAX TIGER 300 Harrows

    • Manufacturer: Tiger

      tmax discharge timer model tiger 300 model lifted, complete of roller rear packer and hydraulic adjustment discussion angle, weight 15 q.li

      $12,607 (USD)
      Emilia-Romagna, Italy
    • 2014 TMAX KM 180 Ploughs

      • Manufacturer: TMAX

        aratro brand tmax model km 180 quadrivomer under solco, hydraulic variable, non stop wheel, traffic and work wheel, for strips peso 20 q.li

        $17,192 (USD)
        Emilia-Romagna, Italy
      • 2015 TMAX AJAX 380 Tillers

        • Manufacturer: Ajax

          tmax mark growing machine ajax 380 model, hydraulic folding, rear packer, weight 18 q.li

          $10,315 (USD)
          Emilia-Romagna, Italy
        • 2014 TMAX PIANTAPATATE Non combined seed sowers

          • Manufacturer: TMAX

            tmax marked shape model 4 90 cm rubber, hydraulic shell, mechanical scooters, empty weight 11.5 q.li

            $13,753 (USD)
            Emilia-Romagna, Italy
          • 2015 TMAX ANIOTEK Combined soil preparation units

            • Manufacturer: TMAX

              display tmax display aniotek temperature width 4.5 mt., rear ribbon roll, road hydraulic closure, weight 26 q.li

              $19,484 (USD)
              Emilia-Romagna, Italy
            • 2015 TMAX RYLEC XL 500 Interrow cultivators

              • Manufacturer: TMAX

                marine tmax vibration cover rylec xl 500 model, complete of front roller, double rear rollers, hydraulic closure, weight 16 q.li

                $8,596 (USD)
                Emilia-Romagna, Italy
              • 2015 TMAX TYTAN 530 Rolling equipment

                • Manufacturer: TMAX

                  tmax tactor compatible roll tytan guarantee: 24 months

                  $9,742 (USD)
                  Emilia-Romagna, Italy
                • 2015 TMAX BISON XL Combined soil preparation units

                  • Manufacturer: Bison

                    tiger display tmax model bison xl 4 meters, portal, hydraulic folding, rear back roll, double front discs on rubber tubes, weight 27 q.li roller packer request, segments, rubber

                    $17,765 (USD)
                    Emilia-Romagna, Italy
                  • CROMA TECH Dosing Hopper #15186

                    • Manufacturer: CROMA TECH

                      useful content: 90l.  27" opening dia x 27" deep hopper with (3)blades propeller style agitator.  agitator motor: sew eurodrive, 0.37kw, 266/460v, 1.38/0.8 amps, 3ph, 60hz, 396 output rpm).  equipped with endress...

                      No price
                      Ball Ground, GA, USA
                    • AGILENT 86100A Infinium DCA Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope

                      • Manufacturer: Agilent
                      • Model: 86100A

                        the agilent 86100a infiniium dca wide-bandwidth oscilloscope is three instruments in one. a repetitive sampling oscilloscope, digital communications analyzer and a time domain reflectometer. it has been designed ...

                        $6,000 (USD)
                        Hamilton Township, NJ, USA

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