• 2002 Esme Kiljotiini

        -katon below preserved -little used -tosi fast plane trees in the field -tehty only your house with trees

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        Askola, Finland
      • 2010 Daf DAF

        • Manufacturer: DAF

          fully fit for work daf own use -siistikuntoinen and good technology -tosi good run -carrier refrigeration unit (not used in the year, requires maintenance) -2 loading floor

          Nurmijärvi, Finland
        • 1991 Tosi Meccanica F

          • Manufacturer: Tosi Meccanica

            in on hold position: being reconditioned at present format 1260 x 1700 mm puoi8h2ha electronic control box interval operation safety lever - mechanical emergency stop foot-contact mats for emergency stop fully au...

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            North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
          • 6700 kW 6000 Volts 50 Hz Idrotermici Biomass Cogeneration Plant #RG7697

                used approximately 6.7mw biomass cogeneration plant. plant consists of the following: 1 off used idrotermici water tube boiler, water content approximately 65ton, evaporation surface approximately 1,253sqmt, econ...

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