• 2016 Traktorilavetti 1 aks

    $5,824 - Honkajoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Traktorilavetti

    country: finland | attachments: the width of 2,52m, the grating length up to 3,7m tires and the total length of 5,95m, rotating around the loop | extra options: new/unused | production country: fi...

  • Traktorilavetti 1-akselinen

    $3,843 - Finland
    • Manufacturer: Traktorilavetti

    - drive the truck trailer a couple of wheels! - transport layer 400 cm x 250 cm

  • 2014 Traktorilavetti 1-akselinen 10ton

    $4,049 - Tuuri, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Traktorilavetti

    1-axis from the front to drive strong built traktorilavetti. 10ton payload, ideal for eg. 7.5 ton transfer machine. truck rear axle bolt 10 euro division. tire size 11r22.5, twin wheels. direct...

  • 2015 NC Traktorilavetti

    $9,424 - Honkajoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: NC

    irish huippulavetteja immediate delivery. the stock can be found in 1-, 2-, and 3-axis models. low construction and the largest gauge of the market will make the nc to a very supportive towed. q...